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Hellboy: Darkness Calls #3

Posted: Saturday, June 30, 2007
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artists: Duncan Fegredo, Dave Stewart (colors)

Publisher: Dark Horse

Hellboy: Call to Darkness splits the story into two levels. Last issue the witches decided to make Hellboy their king. Hellboy of course wished no part of it, and he tried to escape.

This issue Hellboy's escape sends him to snow-shrouded Russia, but this isn't a modern day former Soviet Union. This realm is controlled by Hellboy's enemy the Baba Yaga, a particularly gruesome hag from Russian folktales.

Baba Yaga sends her soldiers against Hellboy. This begins the terrestrial part of our tale where Hellboy lets loose with violence and mild curses. Badly outnumbered against soldiers who simply won't quit until completely destroyed, things look mighty bad for Hellboy.

Fortunately, Hellboy is no dummy. He runs. Still, the Baba Yaga does not play fair. These warriors are not shambling zombies with bits falling from their frames. These are fast moving undead warriors. Fortunately, Hellboy isn't just fighting a war on the ground.

On a higher plane, the gods and spirits align themselves for and against Hellboy. This second arena allows for artist Duncan Fegredo to instill stirring and resonant scenes of rescue from a wild Russian source. This source does not secure Hellboy out of heroism. Instead, he simply hates the Baba Yaga.

Hatred of the Baba Yaga and essentially a cold war waged by the supernatural beings of folklore adds depth to Hellboy: Call to Darkness. While Mike Mignola isn't contributing the artwork to his creation this time around, Duncan Fegredo who has tapped into Mignola's shadowy, cubic style is a logical replacement.

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