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Justice League Unlimited #35

Posted: Saturday, July 7, 2007
By: Ray Tate

"The Cycle"

Writer: Matteo Casali
Artists: Scott Cohn(p), Al Nickerson(i), Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

On the one hand this inventory issue of Justice League Unlimited written by Matteo Casali benefits from really good Flash characterization. The artwork taps the kaiju vibe of giant monsters, and how can you not love a comic book that has an Aztec mummy, that looks far from el queso magnífico? However, despite these assets, the comic book is lacking in almost everything else.

First, the focus is on Natasha Irons, a non-member in the Justice League Unlimited continuity. She has only been a third tier guest-star in Superman: The Animated Series. Second, she seems to believe that the Flash "joined" the Justice League. I don't know if that's how the character was written to behave or if Casali believes this to be the case. The former makes Natasha stupid. The latter makes the writer stupid and lazy. There is only one Flash in Justice League Unlimited continuity, and that Flash is Wally West. The Flash did not join the Justice League. The Flash was one of the magnificent seven who established the Justice League. There's a massive difference.

Third, Natasha Irons' powers are linked to "Metropolis future technology." This is fascinating because Metropolis hasn't any. The Metropolis of the animated series is art deco cool, but it's not a futuristic city. None of this makes any sense anyhow. Steel is simply a non-powered individual in a suit of armor. It enhances his strength, makes him capable of flight, of course provides protection and tres chic allows him to fire rivets from his gauntlets. Love the rivets. Natasha has a suit of armor that makes her grow and a hammer linked to "Metropolis future technology." Wha? If you wanted to have a kaiju battle why not use Longshadow, the animated updating on Apache Chief? He'd also be less annoying.

The battle proves to be kind of pointless anyway since these giant beasts are following ley lines, which I wish to emphasize do not exist and should not be recognized by the ratiocinator Batman, in "preparing the earth for its next life cycle," whatever that means. Perhaps, the earth will regenerate into David Tennant.

Role Call
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Hawkgirl (cameo)
J'onn J'onzz (cover only)
Green Arrow
Dr. Fate
Black Canary(cameo)
Red Tornado (cameo)
Aquaman (cameo)

Guest Stars
Natasha Irons

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