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Omega Flight #5

Posted: Monday, August 13, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

“Alpha to Omega, Part 5”

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming
Artist: Scott Kolins

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: The Great Beasts of Canada (or the Aurora Borealis, or the North Pole) seem to be powering both the heroes and the villains, sowing chaos. That’s not hard to do when your team consists of the Collective, Beta Ray Bill, USAgent and Sasquatch.

Comments: This final issue is the most gruesome and violent since the one where the Wrecking Crew beat Sasquatch to a bloody pulp. Apparently, that was all a ruse in order to get Walter to release his vicious inner-demon, who could give the Hulk a run for his greenbacks on a good day. So he’d just kill everybody as Dark Sasquatch.

The voices of reason in the midst of this testosterone-fest are the distaff teammates: Arachne (making stealth attacks), Talisman (who didn’t want to be here in the first place, but succumbs to seeing her friends in need), and Arachne’s daughter, who freed the Collective-host Michael, even though he has the gall to wear the outfit of Canada’s closest answer to Captain America, Vindicator. Michael, under the influence of sentient mutant energy, slew Alpha Flight, so his heroic actions this issue to save Omega Flight are his attempt at making reparations.

Walter grants him salvation, understandably considering he too was possessed before being saved by Talisman just pages before. With everyone out of their right minds for several issues, this has been a very histrionic little series. Subtlety isn’t Oeming’s strong suit. And the power levels of all the combatants have been fluctuating all over the place. Are the Norse Gods and the Native Canadian spirits really operating on the same plane? It would seem so, since Beta Ray Bill keeps bellowing about how his hammer has split planets wide open, but he can’t even take out the Wrecker these days.

All in all, one can sense that while this battle is over, there were plans to move on to further stories with this crew, and no plan once the ongoing was truncated into a mini. We get a rather abrupt denouement, with Michael’s standard-issue redemption (still with no indication of his personal characterization in sight), and then a vague and inconclusive “where are they now?” wrap-up that leaves open the possibility of the team continuing, or not, with or without a kamikaze Bill, a re-retired Talisman, and a missing-in-action Sasquatch. A disappointing finish to a new title that showed promise at the outset, one that deserved more of a chance to prove itself.

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