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Teen Titans #50

Posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer(s): Sean McKeever, Geoff Johns, Marv Wolfman, Todd Dezago
Artist(s): Randy Green, Mike Mckone, George Perez, Todd Nauck

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: Heroes get together to morn and reflect on the passing of one of their own. We flashback to greater eras. In the background Earthís Greatest Heroes are taken out by visitors from the future (and no, itís not the Legion). A not so startling reveal at the end.

Commentary: Well, I gave this current incarnation of Teen Titans another shot. I had to. You see I like the Titans. Back in the heyday of my comics collecting years The New Teen Titans and Uncanny X-Men were the must have books. So itís with fondness I come back to Teen Titans every once in awhile to see if the current creative teams have captured the magic of those bygone days. Sadly they have not. Johns was almost there with his re-launch with Mike Mckoneís. Sadly he was pulled from the book during the resolution to the Titanís East storyline. Thatís when the book started to go down hill again and it hasnít recovered since.

The best parts of this anniversary issue donít come from the new creative team of Sean Mckeever and Randy Green but rather from the flashback sequences penned by Johns and Wolfman and penciled by Mckone and Perez. This just serves as a reminder that they did it better and rather than making me want to pick up the Titans of today it only makes me want to reread the Titans of the past. This issue backfires in regards to engaging new readers. I doubt Iím the only one who feels this way. Once again, we get a dragged out graveyard scene which is becoming all too common and clichťd in comics these days. Frankly, itís getting tiring and doesnít make for entertaining reading. There was a day when these scenes used to be shocking but since ďnever stay deadĒ is also en vogue any weight is lost in the execution.

As a matter of fact all suspense is lost here. Itís not too hard to figure out what Rose wants by dragging Kid-Devil off. We know Rose is uninhibited so her actions donít really tell us anything new or compelling about the character. Watching her try and bring the devil out of Kid-Devil? Eh, snore. The scenes of DCís big guns being taken out leave absolutely nothing to the imagination as to who the culprits are. The way each one is taken out is in no way clever or creative.

Marv Wolfman and George Perezís ďDear BarryÖĒ segment is beautiful. Wolfman still knows these characters and their interactions are so spot on and natural. My comicsí heart pines for their return to the book that arguably made them famous for a whole generation of comics readers. Then we get back to the present and the current team. Uggghh. Why do we have a Miss Martian when DC is struggling with what to do with Jíonn Jíonnz and has been for years? They havenít been able to carry this beloved character in his own book or on a team in quite some time. The need for a teenage Martian character on the Titans is a misfire as far as Iím concerned when you canít even garner interest in the adult character. Thatís another problem with the current Titanís. It seems as if DC wants to add characters whose own books are faltering to the stable. A case in point is the new Blue Beetle. I foresee his book getting cancelled and thatís why DC is testing the waters with him here. As we move ahead it seems what McKeever will be giving us a story where the Teen heroes have to save the senior heroes and the world from their future selves. Itís all been done before and better. I have no interest in trudging through it again.

Final Word: Teen Titans in its current state is in all ways an inferior product to things that have come before. Pick this issue up for the classic Wolfman/Perez and modern classic Johns/Mckone pages but other than that save your money.

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