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Moon Knight #12

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer: Charlie Huston
Artist(s): Mico Suayan

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: The Midnight Sun storyline wraps up in bloody fashion. We start to get revelation on the true nature of Moon Knight and Khonshu.

Commentary: It took awhile for me to get past my let downs from last issue and pick this issue up and find something good to say about it. There are good things and it wasn’t a total loss. I’m just glad this storyline is done and over with and we’re moving on to new territory. The long and short of it is that Jeff Wilde and his unnamed female cyborg partner are sick of their miserable existence and want to check out of this world permanent like. The former Midnight is counting on Marc’s own particular brand of madness to make this desire a reality and short of that he’ll take satisfaction in Moon Knight’s own excruciating death. Once Marc realizes what Jeff wants, he’s more than able to oblige with a giant sharpened clock hand straight down the only place Wilde is vulnerable. It’s a bloody, messy ending to this character but one that reinforces everything Marc’s been trying to put behind him. He’s a damn good killer above anything else. The female cyborg is made short work of by Moon Knight’s new pilot and the Moon Copter’s arsenal.

Before I go on to the really good stuff about this issue I’ll just make a few comments about the bad. One, it took too long to get here. Two, for the most part Mico Suayan’s art is ugly. I gave him a chance and he does have some good shots like the page where Moon Knight is leaping into the air with his makeshift spear and trailing blood behind him. But these are far and few between. For the most part his panels are far too busy and confusing. I never thought I’d want this in a comic but his splash pages are all that makes me like his art. His story telling is lacking. If you took the words away you’d be left scratching your head as far as to what is going on. The normally beautiful Marlene is even drawn unappealingly. I realize the plotting of this series has been dark and grim but somewhere, even if it’s only in the art, we need some beauty and relief. All of Mico’s characters are as grim and brutal looking as the proceedings. We need more of a storyteller artist back on this book. Finch had the right balance.

Next, we still don’t know who exactly the female protagonist was. We learned a little bit more about her desires this issue but then she was killed off. It annoyed me we got nothing about her personally the whole story and now she’s dead and we still don’t know anything. Oh well, here’s hoping Marvel doesn’t resurrect her. Let the nameless robot chick rest in peace!

The use of Tony Stark to set up the next storyline amidst this one was a waste of space to me. Basically all he said to Marc was, “Call me when this is all over and we’ll talk about your status in my new world order.” This could have just as well been handled after Spector’s conflict with Wilde. The odor of Editorial and Marketing intrusion for the sake of ‘The Initiative’ banner wafts off these pages. With all that badness out of the way let’s move on to the meat of Huston’s run and story.

A long-awaited (at least for me) development is finally hinted at in the person of the Profile. Khonshu could very well be just another of Marc’s split personalities and not the literal supernatural god entity we’ve seen in the past. It’s not written in stone yet but the push is strongly in that direction. This is the development I’ve been hoping for since the relaunch of this title. I love the dialogue as Marc and the Profile stand before the Khonshu statue. It’s posed that when he puts on the costume Marc becomes another being, one that induces real fear. Marc turns to the Profile and asks him, “…Does that mean I’m not (crazy)?” to which he replies, “No, it doesn’t mean you’re not crazy…” and the last line before we switch scenes: “I mean how clued out are you?” Marc gets revelation here but it does nothing to ease his tortured mind or soul. I’m mildly interested in where Marc will go strictly as a hero in the world of the Initiative, but, it’s much more interesting to me where Huston’s stamp on the character will lead him in future issues. I just read online that the new writer after issue 13 will be scripting off of Huston’s plots and that he has five issues in the can already. This is good news for current Moon Knight fans. Hopefully this will mean a regular release schedule and it will certainly mean a consistent progress from where we are currently in the story. I’m glad Marvel has not given up on this book and that Huston’s own touches and spins on the character have salvaged an otherwise muddled mess these past few issues.

Final Word: The fate of this book was on precarious ground with me after last issue but #12 showed developments that any long time fan of Moon Knight should appreciate and look into.

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