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Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax #1

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist(s): Adriana Melo & Marlo Alquiza

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: Kyle confronts Parallax in his mind’s eye and gets glimpses of things we’ve already seen in the main story.

Commentary: Sigh, I suppose it had to happen. Getting a story we didn’t really need in its own book just to capitalize on the success of the Sinestro Corps War event and make a few more dollars off of it. The story in and of itself is not bad. Ron Marz gets to write his beloved Kyle Rayner again and I’m sure that’s just great for him but, as a reader of Sinestro Corps War it’s not so great for me. Any of the scenes and material here could have been covered in the main story. I guess what really let me down about this was that it was not at all what I expected.

First off, it’s called Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax, not “How Kyle Rayner Is Dealing With The Takeover Of His Body By Parallax” but that’s essentially what this story is. What I expected was the spotlight to be on Lyssa Drak the Keeper of the Book of Parallax as revealed in Green Lantern #22 and #23. There she boldly claims her job is to, “…Record the tales of the Sinestro Corps…Acts of fear and terror…thousands of members have carried out.” Man, what a lead in that could have been into these Tales of the Sinestro Corps one-shots! But alas, it seems as if that is not to be the case. Marz’s story is not focused on Parallax and by stories end we get absolutely no new information about the entity called Parallax or his dastardly deeds. We know exactly what we knew about it/him before. He’s a parasitical embodiment of fear who feeds and gains strength off the fear in the Universe and appears as a yellow energy wreathed combination of a person’s worst bug and reptilian nightmares. And oh yeah, he killed Kyle’s mother. But we already knew that too.

Marz connects this story needlessly with what’s going on real time outside of Kyle’s head by replaying scenes of Parallax battling Hal and Parallax killing Jack Chance. Again, stuff I’ve already paid my money to see. The rest of the issue is macho posturing and taunting by Parallax with a mental duke out and stand off between Kyle and it. Here Kyle divests himself of the Ion trappings and asserts himself wearing his original Green Lantern garb. Are these shadows of things to come? Kyle survives and joins the Green Lantern Corps again? Foreshadowing these developments does nothing to thrill me here. This too could have been handled in the main story over in Green Lantern.

The art is serviceable and moves the action and story along but the really nice artwork is of the painting of the lost little boy in the field. Kyle reminisces about the painting in the opening scene and it’s what gives him hope at book’s close when he realizes his mother painted it for him. The other nice art pieces are the drawings of the women in Kyle’s life. I have a sneaky suspicion that these art chores were not done by Melo or Alquiza. The painting looks Andy Kubertish to me. I can’t place the profiles of Alex, Donna Troy and Mrs. Rayner here but it diverges from the main art considerably.

I hope that DC does better with the follow up issues of these one-shots and really does give us acts of fear and terror we have not seen so far as well as revelations about the uber-villains of this series. If you are going to focus on the heroes then either give them their own one shots or call these books something other than Tales of The Sinestro Corps.

Final Word: A weak entry into the great mega event that has been the Sinestro Corps War. DC needs to deliver what has been promised here so that readers don’t feel ripped off.

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