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Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007
By: Shawn Hill

Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Amanda Conner

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The wedding finally happens. It better have, or else Dinah was going to have to kick its !&*#*!

Comments: This issue lurches from humor to misery in a manner that is more nauseating than entertaining. The tone is wildly uneven. Are we supposed to be happy or sad that this pairing is taking place? Is it supposed to be a wedding, a brawl, or a funeral? Clark is giddily over-excited, Diana is wary and apprehensive, and no one else can make up their minds, either. Everyone seems full of doubt. Save for Bruce, of course.

Conner milks every ounce of humor she can get out of the script and her equal-opportunity ogling of male and female bodies in tighty whities and tighter bustiers is a delight. But that sequence at the beginning of the issue is head-spinning, more a tale of woe than a tale of any sort of grand romance. To judge buy it, these two star-crossed lovers have hooked up for carnal reasons, then Canary was tortured. Then Ollie cheated on her and died. Then she felt like she was cheating on him, and he returned. More cheating. More returning. Then an unlikely plea and now constant bickering. Why are they doing this, again?

According to Winick’s script, it’s only the romantics that have any hope for the couple. While hardly as contrived as the Storm/Black Panther event wedding over at Marvel (which turned out surprisingly better than expected), it’s just hard to buy that those two have anything left for each other. They’ve been going at it so long, with so few highs and so many lows. While Dinah has stayed in the lead on the maturity scale, she’s just as dependent on their mood swings.

The obligatory villain fight is over in a heartbeat, though it is heartening to see the heroes talk to each other in order to come up with a plan against their foes. The foes, however, are complete idiots for even trying. You think Madonna or Jennifer Aniston got a bit intense on their wedding days? You ain’t seen nothing before this blonde in white fishnet stockings. She’s more mother hen than Bridezilla, but that’s the joy and the burden of being Black Canary. She’s always gonna be played by Lizbeth Scott or Veronica Lake, dangerous dames with hearts of gold.

After Winick recovers from that awkwardly rushed opening, he gets in a few good moments, such as Supes and the other heavy-hitters instantly perceiving a new threat to the wedding and taking action silently. And he’s right about Lois and Clark.

But until he figures out who Ollie and Dinah are as a couple, and why they’d ever tempt doom by getting together, I’m going to be a little doubtful of their new ongoing series.

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