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X-Men #203

Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer: Mike Carey
Artist(s): Humberto Ramos, Carlos Cuevas (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Sam and Bobby play tag with the Marauders over the true Destiny Diaries. Blindfold wakes up. Gambit and Mystique have there own agendas.

Commentary: Carey, Ramos and Cuevas continue to deliver the most exciting, action-packed and intriguing X-Men story in years! This seems strange because Marvel is touting the sub-story, “Endangered Species” on all of its X-books as the current “EVENT!” Frankly, I’ve read about half of the installments and as far as I’m concerned it’s a non-event and filler. Sorry, it’s a foregone conclusion that Beast’s travels will lead him to a dead end. All the installments are doing for me is making me wish that the 616 Beast would revert back to the classic appearance and form that the “Age of Apocalypse” Beast sports; minus the earrings of course. The lion-like Beast worked during Grant Morrison’s run but it’s time to give us back the original bounding and bubbly Beast.

We get a great ‘Bring On The Bad Guys’ cover from Ramos, Cuevas and Delgado. Delgado’s colors make these villains really stand out and get out attention. The art team as a whole is at times far too Manga for my liking but for the fast pace and kinetic energy of this current story they fit pretty well. The character definition and overall handling of the variety of characters gets better with every issue. Iceman and Cannonball decide to stop running and attack the Maurauders head-on in a fantastic display of teamwork and power. Watch as Sam blasts through water tanks and Bobby flash freezes the deluge and traps the superior numbers of the enemy! Again, Delgado’s colors bring the power of Sam’s blasts and Bobby’s ice to life.

The mystery continues as it’s hinted that Gambit and Mystique have their own individual reasons for why they’ve joined up with Sinister and the Marauders. In classic X-Men style all is not what it appears. What Carey is doing with these two isn’t just cheap stunt or contrived material; they both seem to have well-developed reasons for what they are doing. This is what I’ve been hoping for since Mystique and Gambits return to the bad guy side of the X-Men world. Both of them may not remain villains at the end of all of this or they might but, as long as Carey develops their stories each issue and doesn’t leave us hanging I’m willing to hang in there in regards to these two staple X-characters.

My one complaint with the story is that it was pretty obvious that Gambit was moving against Sinister when he “accidentally” blew up the Destiny Diaries giving Cannonball and Iceman chances to escape the Marauders’s clutches. As well, the fact that Mystique insisted that she pursue Bobby on her own was red flag lifting suspicious. Sinister’s been a bit too lenient over the course of this storyline when it comes to his own teams bungling and I can’t help but believe he’s got to deal out some serious punishment and interrogation of Gambit and Mystique at this point. Mr. Sinister is not stupid and not at all a slap-on-the-wrist type evil genius. Allowing too many of these slip ups to go unchallenged is going to lessen the characters “sinister” appeal for me. He’s cold and he’s bad. Please keep him in character as the heartless “Dr. Frankenstein” that he’s been portrayed as in the past.

Final Word: X-citement abounds in the X-Men world once again. Keep reading!

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