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Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman

Posted: Monday, October 15, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer: Alan Burnett
Artist: Patrick Blaine

Plot: The history of Hank Henshaw is replayed. His true motive for joining the Sinestro Corps is revealed (again). The Manhunters assault the JLA Watchtower and Earth.

Commentary: Repeat, repeat, repeat! Stop! Seriously, did we really need to have an entire issue of a comic book which is a tie-in to a major event be a recap of past events and history in the DC Universe? Geoff Johns resurrected the villains of the Sinestro Corps War; Parallax, The Anti-Monitor, Superboy Prime, Sinestro and The Cyborg Superman. Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reiss gave them hot and cutting sinister villain looks but, not much has really been done with them over in the core books of Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps. With these one-shots I at least thought we’d get to see them showcased in evil glory and if we were going to get backstory I thought it would at least be unrevealed tales or side stories of what other things they’ve been up to since we saw them last.

The first issue with Parallax we got a view of current events in the Core books through Kyle Rayner’s brain without learning anything new or cool about Parallax. Here we just get a retread on Hank Henshaw’s backstory with “new” drawings by Patrick Blaine. Sigh. We even go back to Henshaw’s original moniker as, “The Cyborg Superman”, which is a lame title. He’s since moved on to “The Grandmaster of the Manhunters”. Much cooler title and this book should have reflected that character progression. The only “new” wrinkle we get is that Henshaw now has a death wish and that’s his motivation for entering this super-war. But, again, we already got that from over in Green Lantern.

Burnett emphasizes the Cyborg’s desire for death throughout the story but doesn’t do it in a consistent way. He has him exhuming the body of his dead wife only to incinerate it. You see, he doesn’t care about his past life or vengeance against Superman and just wants to eradicate any memory of his life altogether. At least that’s what is stated. However, at the end of the issue he has overpowered Superman and shouts out to his dead wife that he will have his own death. So, it seems he actually may be clinging to life to some extent. Why not do something atrocious in an attempt to make Superman kill him or rely on one of the less morally strong heroes to do him in? Since the no-kill order on the power rings has been rescinded by the Guardians why not have him coerce a volatile Lantern to do it? Instead of making “The Cyborg Superman” more evil Burnett’s story has just made him more pitiful.

DC has yet to give us the terror boasted by Lissa Drak from the “Book of Parallax”. That’s what I was anticipating these one-shots would reflect. Instead we are getting recap stories with decent art. It’s just not enough for my money. I’ll pick up the others out of morbid curiosity but don’t see them as necessary to the overall Sinestro Corps War epic.

Final Word: Another underwhelming and unnecessary entry in the otherwise exciting Sinestro Corps War.

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