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Green Lantern #24

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2007
By: Bryant Frattalone

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist(s): Ivan Reiss, Oclair Albert, Julio Ferreira and Moose Brumann

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: The War comes to Earth. Parallax gets whatís coming to him. The Lanterns of space sector 2814 get a new charge.

Commentary: The Sinestro Corps War continues to be the must see blockbuster event of the comics summer. Iím sure Johnsís run on the relaunched Green Lantern has brought old fans back to the fold and garnered some new ones along the way. Iím one of the new oneís. To me Green Lantern was always cool looking and I knew the backstory but I never really got into him and his world. I guess it was the whole, ďMost powerful weapon in the UniverseĒ thing. To me, a character who could do anything with the magic ring on his finger was kind of boring. Johns, however, has hopped into the Lanternís sandbox tossed around the toys, polished them up and kicked up some sand along the way. What Johns is accomplishing here is rich storytelling. He leverages every nook and cranny of Green Lantern history to bring these characters into a fresh new light while still retaining all the old staples Green Lantern fans have come to enjoy.

This is a truly cosmic adventure with Universe-class villains. I like the idea that all along Hal and company thought Sinestroís target was OA and that this particular conflict would take place far from Earth. Boy, were they wrong and this issue itís a mad dash to defend the Earth against a merciless wave of Manhunter and Yellow-ringed violence. The image of Superboy-Prime crouching on the Moon and not so patiently waiting for his evil allies to arrive is chilling. He leaps into battle with a sardonic joy. Superboy-Primeís trials could have made him a better and greater hero. Instead heís allowed them to snuff out any sense of compassion he may have had. Johns and Reis have wisely relegated the other heroes of earth (the JLA and JSA) to only a couple of background panels. This is the continuing struggle and story of the Green Lanterns and Johns doesnít lose focus by giving us scene after scene of the other heroesí thoughts and dialogue. Reisís tense illustrating delivers the message well; they are fighting with all their might to help the handful of Lanterns save the Earth. Thatís all we need to know.

Another thing that has been consistent from the start of this story is the use of story panels vs. splash pages. The splash pages come at the right time and are not gratuitous. They are more of a dramatic emphasis when called far. Examples would be the Armada attacking Earth, Parallaxís new transformation, the arrival of the Lantern cavalry and the United Lanternís of Earth. In between these we get plenty of fully realized and quality story telling panels. This is something thatís sorely lacking in todayís comics. The art team of Reis, Albert, Ferreira and Brumann is top notch. Brumann is one of the best ďspecial effectsĒ colorist Iíve ever seen on a comic book. Ever!

Johnís gives the four Green Lanterns of Earth a new and heavy responsibility by issues end. Itís weighty as most of the developments in this story are. Itís a good use of these Lanterns and their power batteries. The pressure is really being put on this intergalactic police force. I havenít been real happy with how the villains of this piece have been treated in their solo Tales of The Sinestro Corps outing and am confident that Johns will rectify those throw away tales in the core book here. Iíd still like to see more of what is in Lissa Drakís ďBook of ParallaxĒ. Maybe after Johns finishes the War we can explore more of that.

Final Word: This is one book thatís actually worth the hefty prices we pay these days. Thereís a lot of quality, story and art with a consistent creative team. Itís the dream book of the summer.

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