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Crawl Space: XXXombies #1

Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Kieron Dwyer

Publisher: Image Comics

In 1977, a porn director locks his actors in a house for 2 days of filming and f***ing. So none of them notice the zombie plague thatís taken over nearby Los Angeles. Amazingly, zombies may not be the greatest danger to the cast & crew. Mobsters are coming to beat/kill the director for failure to pay his debts. And a truck driver is coming to kill everybody for making his daughter a porn star.

This is the perfect companion for the Grindhouse movies. Weíve got gore, sex, stereotypes, and ridiculous violence. You will see zombies killed with an entire gas station. You will see a manís Johnson ripped off. And youíll see Italians beat a zombie to death because heís black. Seriously, the mobsters donít think thereís anything unusual about the zombie-fied blacks because they already think theyíre animals. I guess hate can trump fear. Itís as if Remender and Dwyer put every sleazy thing about the 70ís into one book. And every awesome thing too. Porn stars, zombies, and mobsters are finally together in one story. Thrown in disco and drugs and youíve got the ultimate 70ís movie!

Dwyer does a fantastic job depicting the horror and humanity. Every character looks and moves according to their personalities. Just looking at them tells you their role. When the mood changes from humor to menace to fear, the people react accordingly. The colors also match each situation. In a nice touch, the white borders around the panels have been stained to look like a 30-year old comic book. I also like the hand-drawn panel borders. They enhance the feeling of unease and slow breakdown of order. Dwyer put a lot of thought and effort into every aspect of the art. Well done.

Just when I was getting burned out on zombies, XXXombies gives us something new. Itís a twist on three different formulas mashed together into a delicious stew.

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