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Biff-Bam-Pow! #1

Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2007
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer

Publisher: Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphic

This comic collects four stories by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. The lead is an intergalactic boxing match between lady boxer One-Punch Goldberg and brutal woman-hater Otto Von Ripsnort III. Everyone wants Goldberg to take a dive, from the boxing judges to a gang of talking gorillas. But Goldberg keeps fighting until the very end! Next, Nutsy Monkey starts a panic by wearing a monster mask. Kid Blastoff & Co. defeat an imaginative villain through sheer annoyance. And Super Rad shows why your kid brother shouldn’t tag along on your supervillain fights.

To be fair, this isn’t all original material. “Nutsy Monkey” and “Billy vs Super-Rad” were previously published in Nickelodeon and Riot magazines. But have any of you read those? ‘Course not. No one did. So this might as well be their first appearance.

These stories and strips combine the best aspects of Evan Dorkin’s long career. The pacing is as frenetic as Milk & Cheese. The visual style has the same sci-fi anarchy vibe as Pirate Corp$. And it’s all as fun and kid friendly as his episodes of Superman. The One-Punch Goldberg story is easily the best. The simple fun of seeing a scrappy young woman take down a bully twice her size is highly entertaining. Throw in the aliens, the Warner Bros.-type jokes, and her Jewish religion and you’ve got a rare package.

The comic is packed with humor and style from cover to cover. Literally. There’s material from the inside front to the back cover, and it’s all gold. Well worth your $3. I dearly hope Dorkin & Dyer can continue this series on a regular basis. Goldberg is too good a character to forget. And her new career as a crime-fighter can lead to more wacky adventures.

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