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North Wind #1

Posted: Tuesday, January 1, 2008
By: Egg Embry

Writer: David DiGilio
Artist(s): Alex Cal, Fran Gamboa and Rocio Canteros (c)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

“Global warming has changed the earth’s environment, triggering a new ice age. Into this dark, violent new world, a hero is born!”

Water World? Mad Max? Wasteland? Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind? Kamandi? If you like those types of stories then the North Wind is calling you.

Writer David DiGilio’s first chapter of an Orange County-cum-ice age tale exists as fun summer popcorn. The concept rests on two conceits:

1) Should a disaster of unprecedented scope take the world, governments would fall and post-apocalyptic American barbarism would reign supreme.
2) It is cold in California.

Accept that out of the gate and you’re ready for a comic mini-series built around survival against all odds. The Earth is a waste of ice ringing a nuclear equator. Technology is dedicated exclusively to keeping warm. And only foolish loners roam between cities. Enter the stars: the children of an L.A. “suburb” and a foolish loner looking to buy one of them to train as his apprentice. At the same time this suburb’s windmills are breaking and the leader of the town must go to L.A. and bargain for replacement parts despite the fact that the leader of L.A. is an uncaring dictator who only wants to steal the ’burb’s heat.

The standout in this project is Alex Cal’s art. No ridiculous amounts photo reference. Just a clear command of storytelling. All solid art that fluidly conveys every scene and feeling. His characters expressions, his animals, his backgrounds all communicate this comic in a perfect manner. He never skimps on the details or backgrounds. His art carries this story to new levels without trumping the narrative.

A highly enjoyable work. This is the type of project that moves me to go to the comic store each Wednesday. If you need a post-apocalyptic fix I’d say this is it right here!

Egg Embry is a editor/writer/artist that has worked on ANT, Dead Men Tell No Tales and Omega Chase among others. Find him at

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