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Green Lantern Corps #20

Posted: Friday, January 11, 2008
By: Bryant Frattalone

Peter J. Tomasi
Patrick Gleason, Carlos Magno, Prentiss Rollins et. al.
DC Comics
“Ringquest” (part 1)

Plot: The Guardians Plan. Guy and Kyle Plan. Mongul Plans.

Commentary: The ramifications of the sweeping space saga that was “The Sinestro Corps War” continue seamlessly into the pages of Green Lantern Corps #20. This is the first time in recent memory that a “Comics Event” turned out to be worthy of the name and the weight and consequences of the series within a series continue to deliver on the promise of the first chapter. “The Sinestro Corps War” was apparently just that; the true first chapter in an overarching story that will reach well into 2009, if the close of it meant anything and Geoff Johns gets his way. This stable of characters and books are by far the best thing DC is putting out right now and there seems to be no end of developments in sight for both Corps and the Corps to come.

I was a bit skeptical about Mongul seemingly picking up the mantle of leadership of the yellow Corps from Sinestro. Mongul has always seemed like a Darkseid knockoff to me. He’s big, he’s bald and he’s craggy just like Darkseid and he comes from outer-space and has a mad on against Superman. However, based on the “Domination” teaser running in DC’s books this month it looks as if Mongul’s ultimate destiny will be to either forge the red rings for the “Red Corps” or else lead the red corps in the future. As writer’s John’s and now Tomasi are just great at giving us enough to tantalize us and keeping enough mystery to do the same. They’ve got me hooked! I’m anxious to find out where they are going with Mongul and the development of the other Corps.

The ongoing chapters of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are object lessons in well-paced comics writing. Everybody from the Guardians and Salaak to Guy and Kyle and Mongul are planning ahead. It’s a testament to Tomasi and John’s writing chops that they can juggle so many sub-plots and keep them all strong and fully realized and working like clockwork between their two individual series’. While the rest of the DC Universe seems hampered and confused to no end the Green Lantern Universe is in just fine shape. It’s interesting to see so many artists on this one title. Is it that DC Editorial is so committed to getting these books out on time? How come they are not as committed to their other titles like Action Comics? Is it that creators know this book is so good they are just chomping at the chance to have a hand in it? Either way Patrick Gleason and Carlos Magno have a handle on the galactic settings and alien life forms and the various inkers bring that much more variety to the populace of space. With so many artists on hand you’d think their styles would clash and be distracting but DC has even gotten this aspect right. The inkers are totally complimentary and bring a sense of wonder and awe to the proceedings. I loved the scene with Guy and Kyle moving to OA with their ringed up “U-Haul” in tow. The Mongul cover is powerful and the scenes with Mongul’s inner monologues and closing tirade are chilling. The Guardians and Salaak have real presence on the page. Speaking of Salaak I love the way Tomasi brings out his saracasm in regards to the Earth Lanterns, Kyle and Guy. It’s probably the lightest and most entertaining scene in the book. It brings some much needed levity to the ominous portents for the Green Lantern Corps.

Final Word: Tomasi and the art crew hit one not only out of the park but out of this world! Anything Green Lantern is still worth picking up because the war may be over but the dust certainly has not settled.

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