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X-Men: Messiah Complex-Mutant Files

Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2008
By: Michael Deeley

Eric J. Moreels, Jeff Anderson, et al.
Marvel Comics
This handbook covers recent additions and changes to the X-Menís lives. Many of the major players in "Messiah Complex" are featured here, including The Marauders, Lady Mastermind, and Predator X. It also includes: the changes made to the Starjammers and the Shiíar Empire; new characters like the team from "Deadly Genesis" and other young mutants; and summaries of stories from New Excalibur, Exiles, Generation M and others.

Iíve found this handbook more useful than most others. The All-New Official Handbook and themed specials tend to cover the long history of Marvel characters. But Messiah Complex-Mutant Files focuses on stories and characters from the last five years. This book brought me up to speed on whatís been happening in the X-verse for the last few years. Vulcanís attack on the ShiíAr Empire, the changes to the Starjammers, the return of Magik, the formation of the new Marauders, and last couple years of Astonishing X-Men are all covered here. It also gives a surprisingly, (and depressingly), 3-page summary of the Exiles, up to and including their merging with the New Excalibur. The mini-series "Phoenix Endsong," "Phoenix Warsong," "Deadly Genesis," "Generation M," and others. Thatís very helpful since I havenít been reading any X-Men comics except the core series for the last two years.

Basically, this book brought me completely up to speed on everything I needed to know for "Messiah Complex" and X-Men comics in general. I found this to be much more useful and interesting than most other Handbooks. Those of you whoíve been reading "Messiah Complex" will find the information in this book immediately useful.

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