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Green Lantern #27

Posted: Monday, February 4, 2008
By: Bryant Frattalone

Geoff Johns
Mike McKone & Andy Lanning, Marlo Alquiza & Mark Farmer (i)
DC Comics
Plot: Laira is about to be put on trial for the death of Amon Sur as Hal and John chase his ring across the country. The nature of the Alpha Lanterns is revealed.

Commentary: Just read that plot! Johns continues to jam pack more developments into a single issue than any other comic series currently on the market but, the difference is, he does it well. Johns could teach a lot of other writers about pacing a comic series, developing plot points and doing big reveals. The one word I would use to describe his writing of Green Lantern is kinetic. It’s always moving forward and leaving salient plot points and weight consequences in its wake. Johns and McKone illustrate in grand fashion the ever present danger to yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps represent. Amon Sur’s ring seeks out a new wielder and almost succeeds in finding one in the person of one of the most demented villains in the Batman stable. Luckily Hal and John are on the job. McKone’s rendering of the ring makes it almost t a character in itself. Who would have thought a ring could appear so powerful and menacing. Kudos to McKone; he’s a very talented artist. He’s one of those artists that can draw anyone and handle large casts without missing a beat.

The consequences of the first new law of the Book of OA begin to be revealed raising the question of, “What is murder and what is justice?” Johns continues to play the corps like a real world police drama with the same pressures and problems earthly police would have to confront. With that in mind the Guardians introduce the concept of The Alpha Lanterns which are basically and internal affairs arm for the Green Lantern Corps. They will investigate misconduct in the Corps and seemingly be given rights as judges, jurors and executioners if need be. The raw material and ingredients for being transformed into an Alpha Lantern are both wondrous and abhorrent to behold. That is another thing Johns seems to be able to give us. Moments of great galactic beauty and in contrast moments of terror and despair. It is appropriate since the underlying theme of the Green Lantern series is harnessing the raw emotions of the Universe. Johns and his art teams to date do just that; inject powerful emotions into these alien characters and landscapes.

We get insight into what the Guardians think of Hal as they pass over him and go to John Stewart as an Alpha Lantern candidate. It seems in their estimation John has “the ability to enfore Justice” and Hal does not. I won’t reveal if John accepts the offer or not. Read it for yourself because its good reading. Another subplot is revealed as the Guardian burned by the Anti-Monitor during The Sinestro Corps War recruits the Lantern Ash to search out the remains of the Anti-Monitor. However, do the other Guardians know this and what is her real motivation? Here’s a hint, something in her eyes tells the story and with this one scene the implications are once again chilling for the Guardians, the Corps and the Universe. Again, read it for yourself you will be glad you did.

Final Word: What can I say? Green Lantern is still the most tantalizing treat on the comics’ shelves. What Johns’s is doing here and over in Action Comics is mouth-watering comics goodness.

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