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Death of the New Gods #6

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2008
By: Marx Pyle

Jim Starlin
Jim Starlin (p), Art Thibert (i)
DC Comics
"Gone. Our joined story has at last ended." - Darkseid

What can kill a race of gods? That is the question that this miniseries seeks to answer. An answer that may change the DC Universe forever.

It all started in Countdown #48 with the death of Lightray. Then the deaths of New Gods started pouring in (Dr. Bedlam, the Deep Six, Sleez, Knockout, Power Boy, et al.), leading us to this miniseries.

The story so far has centered on Mr. Miracle and Superman who journey to New Genesis to discover who murdered Big Barda. But it is there that they discover that she is but one casualty in a wave of genocide of the New Gods.

The killer can apparently look like anyone and is ripping out their souls. Metron discovers the mastermind: The Source. It seeks to reunite with its other half.

At the opening of this issue, evidence points to Orion as the killer. So a crazed Mr. Miracle, empowered by the Anti-Life Equation, and Superman attack Orion. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Metron and the Source watch on.

Mr. Miracle uses the Anti-Life Equation to freeze both Orion and Superman. He forces Orion to speak the truth and answer why he has betrayed his people. But Orion reveals that he isn't the killer and that he is waiting on this moon to challenge the killer by using the Warrior's Code. Mr. Miracle is shocked by how unstable he is becoming and Superman manages to quickly save Orion's plan by getting them far enough away to watch with his superhuman vision.

Orion does his challenge thing and the killer comes. Things don't end well for Orion.

Just as Superman and Mr. Miracle discover the mysterious second Source Wall, the killer attacks them. The killer's identity is finally revealed, but can Superman and Mr. Miracle stop him?

I was a little disappointed by the reveal of the killer. I suspected him heavily since issue #3. So much so that I had hoped he was a red herring. No such luck. Perhaps there will still be a twist, since we already know the killer can change shape.

Another nitpick, how is Superman breathing in space?

Final Word: Honestly, this seems like a let down. A slow moving murder mystery involving the New Gods just doesn't feel right. This should be an epic Ragnarok-like event. Instead, these classic characters are dying with a whisper.

If you are a fan of the New Gods, then this miniseries is a must. You may not be exactly thrilled by the story, but the major changes that occur are too important to miss.

If you are not a fan of the New Gods, then you can probably pass on this one. Actually, I take that backů sort of. This event ties into Countdown to Final Crisis, so it may be important for those die-hard DC fans.

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