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Legion of Super-heroes #39

Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Jim Shooter
Francis Manapul, Livesay (i)
DC Comics
“Evil Adventus: Downfall” (part three)

Plot: Princess Projectra is still not dealing well with her loss of status, and while the Triton situation has been mostly resolved, the situation on Earth remains chaotic.

Comments: Shooter’s great strength as Legion writer to me was always his compelling mix of arcs for each character. No one showed up in a story who didn’t have a reason to be there, and that is the style he’s continuing in his strong new run on the title. Rather than huge devastating events, we’re getting mundane ongoing struggles, as we get to know these characters’ strengths and weaknesses through Shooter’s eyes.

Lightning Lad continues to struggle with leadership issues, so much so that Ayla and Tinya have a late night discussion about deposing him, in their scivvies. The emphasis on adult sexuality is apparently a new feature, as Ayla decides to console herself by inviting a still healing Karate Kid to her bed. This event is not presented as a means of making Projectra’s mood even worse (Shooter is writing the current versions of the characters, and setting up new soapy dynamics), but rather as a natural expression of the open Winathian attitude towards sexuality.

Don’t think it’s only the girls being so revealing, either, as we also catch Garth in his boxers, roused by the suspicion that someone unauthorized is using the duty roster.

That mysterious duty roster consultation continues throughout the issue, keeping track of our large cast (and with a humorous subtheme of Brainiac zipping around the solar system retrieving teammates and solving problems off camera with his new transportation invention).

New artist Manapul continues to impress, plopping a fairytale castle down in the middle of Metropolis as Projectra’s (former) home. We also learn a bit more about why her fall from grace is so speedy and without cushion; apparently more than just royalty, she’s been a spoiled brat, and no one feels inclined to help out even though her entire race was devastated. Only Saturn Girl’s mom is willing to empathize, for a very good reason: Councilwoman Ardeen believes in the Legion, and Projectra is a formidable heroine when she wants to be.

Projectra’s dilemma rates the cover, but inside it’s not quite so dire. She foils a robbery, and though tempted by her great power, only succumbs to lifting a little bauble for herself. Is it the first step down a path to darkness, or little bit of shoplifting therapy for a very depressed ex-monarch?

I think what she’s going to need is her friends, and I think despite the plethora of annoying burdens, this team is poised to rise again.

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