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Green Lantern Corps #22

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2008
By: Bryant Frattalone

Sterling Gates
DC Comics
Plot: Boodika in her new role as an Internal Affairs officer for the Corps returns to Bellatrix to confront her sister Zale about negligence in regards to her own duties as a Green Lantern.

Commentary: Iíve been giving high marks to all things Green Lantern for the past 8 months. This is probably the lowest score Iíve given a Green Lantern related book in awhile. Not that three and a half bullets is a bad score, itís just less. Less is what describes this issue of Green Lantern Corps in the overall context of whatís been happening in the Green Lantern universe. This second chapter in a tale by Sterling Gates is more of a personal story and focuses on Boodika of Bellatrix and takes the spotlight away from the broad scoped and multi-dimensional epic of the Green Lanterns. Iíve been so used to shock and awe and spectacle that this smaller, quieter story just hasnít thrilled me. I actually canít wait to get back to the Mongul storyline next issue. Just the cover preview of Kyle and Guy drowning in a sea of yellow rings set my mouth to watering.

Back to the issue at hand. As I said everything just seems less of an effort and doesnít give off the same polished feel the core Green Lantern book does. I see what happened here. DC can correct me if Iím wrong. Marketing and Editorial said, ďThe Alpha Lanterns are such a cool idea letís not waste any time and letís put off the Mongul story and insert an Alpha Lantern story into Green Lantern Corps immediately if not sooner!Ē And so, Sterling Gates (is that even a real name?) and Nelson were tapped to crank out this Boodika story post haste and the haste shows. The art is lacking in background and details. The Alpha Lanterns are such a challenging and outrageous design I feared that other artists would not be able to do them the justice that Mike Mckone does over in Green Lantern and, I was right. Nelsonís Alpha Lantern take just looks bulky, clunky and not awe or fear inspiring as it should. The art looks rushed too as Recca and Zaleís facial tattoos tend to appear and disappear between scenes. The great special effect of the Lantern suspended in the Alpha Lanterns chest cavity is lost in Nelsonís interpretation too. Itís there, itís just not the impressive center piece of the design that it should be.

With all that said, Gatesís editorial driven story is not bad as Zale is not decommissioned from the Green Lantern ranks for her neglect but put on probationary status as Boodikaís partner in her sector. Boodika earns her second ring for being unswervingly faithful to the Corps and the Guardians even when faced with confronting her own sister. So, there are consequences and things do move forward a bit for Boodika and the Corps in these last two issues. Thatís what weíve come to expect from the Green Lantern Universe. Constant change and movement and build up to bigger and better things. The issue ends with a tie in to this monthís Green Lantern with Hannu being rescued from deep space after the red ring absconded with Laira. If you donít know what Iím talking about read that issue before you read this issue of Green Lantern Corps. Youíll be happy you did.

Final Word: A quieter, more intimate tale in the annals of the continuing adventures of the Green Lantern Corps which still brings progress and change along with it.

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