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Marvel Adventures Hulk #9

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Paul Benjamin
Steve Scott, Nathan Massengill (i), A. Street
Marvel Comics
"Analyze This"

Lousy. Simply lousy. Marvel Adventures Hulk stops being fun and tries but fails to relate a complex story involving Betty Ross and Leonard Samson and how Bruce feels about the couple embarking on the love train.

The story makes Betty look like a shallow, fickle gal interested only in looks and impressive lats. The story furthermore turns Doc Samson into a complete asshole, but in Benjamin's defense, this character hasn't been on the up and up since the '70s. Perhaps, he honestly believed that Doc Samson was a total sphincter.

Betty and Doc Samson might have won a few points in the integrity pool had they simply been straightforward with Bruce. The poor schmuck still loves Betty, but she has fallen for the Herculean physique of Doc Samson. Neither of the lovers think to inform him of the life change.

Whereas Betty's behavior is simply a case of bad taste and bad form, the same cannot be said for Samson. Samson dallying with Betty while treating Bruce Banner for lack of emotional control is a crystal clear case of breaching ethical standards. Samson should not be seeing a patient that's in love with his current arm candy. The APA should pull Samson's license.

The only good thing about Marvel Adventures Hulk comes in the form of Steve Scott's, Nathan Massengill's and A. Street's slick, energetic artwork. Their more realistic and richer design for Betty Ross also deserves kudos. What a pity that their art was used for such a slimy, sleazy tale of betrayal that would fit right in with the dank, odorous continuity of the Marvel Universe proper.

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