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Franklin Richards: Spring Break

Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2008
By: Steven M. Bari

Chris Eliopoulos, Mark Sumerak
Chris Eliopoulos
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Franklin Richards: Spring Break arrives in stores tomorrow, March 19.

Remember sitting through math class, hoping time could just speed up and release you from the boring decimal dungeon? Or the dread of gym class dodge ball, awaiting those muted red spheroids jetting towards your head? These are collective experiences that any child or grown-up can relate to.

And it's nice to know that even the son of superhero Mister Fantastic, Franklin Richards, undergoes the same trials as the reader, even if he has a device that can manipulate time.

Frank Richards: Spring Break is a fun read that is entertaining, and great for all ages. The book is separated into five, count 'em, five stories that has the feel of classic humor strips fused with Saturday morning cartoons. If you enjoyed Dexter's Laboratory, Calvin and Hobbes, and Dennis the Menace, you'll enjoy the misadventures of Franklin Richards.

Eliopoulos and Sumerak make a point to distinguish Franklin's personality from that of his father. Unlike his overachieving dad, Franklin is a slightly lazy kid, who looks to cut corners rather than follow through with any endeavor, be it a science project or cleaning up after himself. In that respect, he has very realistic characterization that holds over into each of the stories. For instance, when have you not walked into the kitchen, saw an already poured glass of soda and proceeded to just drink it. I could be alone in this, but I doubt it. The only difference, however, is that your cola doesn't bestow sonic belching.

Another great characterization is H.E.R.B.I.E., Franklin's robot nanny/sidekick/friend who is the voice of reason and experience to his young ward's reckless behavior. The crowning moment, however, is H.E.R.B.I.E.'s endeavor to be more "fun" by downloading all of Franklin's video games, including "Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor." Let's just say: robot + pimp outfit = hilarious!

To everyone nagging and complaining that there isn't enough comic books aimed at younger audiences, shove this into your child's hands. It isn't educational, but it will certainly keep them entertained and occupied for quite a while. Moreover, Franklin Richards: Spring Break can be reread over and over again, making it a solid investment for your little one and you.

Final Word: It's fun. 'Nuff said.

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