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Fables #71

Posted: Monday, March 24, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Bill Willingham
Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha (i)
Vertigo / DC
Plot: Cinderella goes to South America to rescue Pinocchio from the mundanes, while in Fabletown Prince Charming abdicates the mayorship to Old King Cole. Wow, that sounded silly! It’s not, because there’s lots of guns.

Comments: Willingham has set up believable characters for each of these familiar fables, and this trip is basically a look at the charm, beauty and wisdom of Cinderella as she goes on a rampage through the underworld of Tierra del Fuego in order to bring one unwise boy home. Thanks to Buckingham and Leialoha, she does it with all the style and aplomb of a James Bond heroine. Thanks to Willingham, she’s a ruthless agent with a Jack Bauer-level of commitment to her task, and thanks to being a fable she’s strong enough to pick up a jeep when it turns over after she kills most of the occupants (who, to be fair, had betrayed her and we’re planning to kidnap her).

Humans are “mundys” to fables, and Cindy plays up the fact that though they want her to remain a pretty fairytale princess, she’s actually something far steelier. She does what she can to secure her mission, and Willingham’s narration makes her thought processes crystal clear as she goes about her methodical business.

It takes another fable, a certain Mr. Hansel, to finally take her by surprise towards the end of the issue, and even then her intel is far better than his. This is a fun, action-packed little adventure, and yet another example of how adaptable this concept is: Spy-thriller one week, sword-and-sorcery epic the next, and all sorts of charmingly Vertigo things in between. Another winner from a master of mixing the playful with the macabre.

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