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Marvel Adventures Iron Man #11

Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Fred Van Lente
Scott Koblish, Javier Tartaglia (c)
Marvel Comics
"Northern Lights"

Iron Man travels to Canada to seek his missing father Howard Stark. Along the way, he bumps into a familiar Canadian team of super-heroes and an old enemy.

Van Lenteís latest is a fast and fun exercise. Iron Manís interaction with Alpha Flight, and the teamís interaction with each other offers the reader some choice dialogue and comedic moments. Van Lente though does not insult Alpha Fight. In fact, they become crucial when aiding Iron Man against a returning villain. So Alpha Flight fans can rest easy knowing that the objects of their desire haven't been, as usual, turned into jokes.

The villainís return results from credible science fiction based on the aurora borealis, and Iron Manís thwarting of his foe also depends on physics that while intricate are easily explained by the author.

Koblish's artwork is a massive boon for Alpha Flight. They act very youthful and spritely. They appear to have zero angst, which pretty much defined the team when Byrne created them. I also love Koblish's ability to render subtle expressions ranging from the incredulity when a scientist discovers Iron Manís more than merely metal muscle for Stark International and Iron Manís ďDíohĒ moment when he finds Alpha Flight lacking in the finesse of teamwork. Tartaglia's participation is signified by bright colors and a variation for Iron Man's usual shades to accompany a creative variation of his everyday armor.

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