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Cemetery Blues #3

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2008
By: Matthew McLean

Ryan Rubio
Thomas Boatwright, David Hartman (c)
Image Comics / Shadowline
Having not read the previous two issues, the third issue of Cemetery Blues was easy to jump into. It is also a fun and funny read that still manages to be somewhat unsettling. While definitely a lighter take on the occult detective genre, it also delivers a few shudder worthy moments in between the many ones of laughter.

Cemetery Blues revolves around Mort and Falstaff, two occult detectives that are, most likely, also part con men. Not the best citizens, Mort is a drunk while Falstaff is touched in the head. Regardless, they've found themselves in a little provincial town dealing with a rather nasty forest spirit as well as the even nastier sorcerer that created it.

Both the writing and art in Cemetery Blues are excellent. The art is simple black and white, but with grey tones that add much. As a for instance, the moment Falstaff walks in, readers will be able to tell he's a bit off just by looking at him. Granted, as he makes his entrance he mentions that he was busy keeping a rat company in the loo, so that's kind of a tip, but the art conveys his mental condition extremely well. As it does with most everything in the book.

The writing does an excellent job of catching new readers up to what's going on without boring returning readers. Succinct and entertaining, the brief introduction immediately leaps into the story. While the main antagonist, the Hunter, is certainly an eerie character, the story is filled with small things that will make readers laugh in the face of death. Decapitated priests and evil cuddly things are just two of some of the really odd turns the story takes to produce some great laughs. However, it provides an ending that is disturbing and will make the reader want to read the next issue right away,

Also, for $3.50 you get a lot of comic in this book. While it is the standard 22 pages, a great deal is on each page, but it is well done so you don't need a magnifying glass to read it. Plus, all the ads are in the back, which is always nice.

All in all, Cemetery Blues #3 is good enough that this reviewer is going to go back and find the first two. I highly recommend anyone looking for some spooky fun do the same.

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