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Green Arrow and Black Canary #7

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Judd Winick
Mike Norton, Wayne Faucher (i)
DC Comics
“Greetings from Faraway Lands”

Plot: In their continuing search to locate Connor’s kidnappers, Ollie and Dinah must deal with the London underworld.

Comments: My rating may be a bit severe, as there’s nothing really wrong with this issue (aside from the cover, which promises Cliff Chiang art that is actually carried out in adequate imitation by Mike Norton inside). We even get a possible revelation as to the real mastermind behind Connor’s fall, which might make things interesting in the future.

But our antagonist this issue is a thief with a flying mace, Ollie and Dinah again doing their unconvincing undercover act, and Green Lantern cameos to help interrogate the dudes in the alien suits, who turned out to be hired human flunkies. The interrogation method is passably amusing (in a frat boy, sexual anxiety sort of way: The hoods break under threat of an old lady in a bunny suit, a hairy clown in underwear, and a sheep and an internet PR nightmare).

The battle with Mace Boy is underwhelming, and the final revelation only underlines what we’ve always known: Green Arrow is a Batman imitation. Because he’s the imitation, he has more flaws, and he gets to have a wife (rather than just doomed girlfriends). But must he have the same villains, too? After all the changes of One Year Later, and then the gritty recent mini-series, this more humorous and fluffy title has yet to find a way to balance the jokes with any sense of urgency. And though Dinah has had some showcase moments of physical prowess, she’s definitely a supporting character in her husband’s story. Can we expect her turn to come, given their shared billing?

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