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Project Superpowers #3

Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Alex Ross & Jim Krueger
Carlos Paul, Deborah Carita (c)
Dynamite Entertainment
Project Superpowers this week has the same problem as The Phantom. It's decent, but it doesn't distinguish itself.

The setting for the battle against a multitude of foes changes from Dynamic Man's city to the fabled Shangri-La, but one gets the feeling of deja vu.

New heroes released from the urn get some face time, but it's not enough exposure to really generate any feeling for them. For the record, V-Man, Miss Masque -- here known as Masquerade -- Hydroman and the Face, I think that's his name, walk onto the stage.

Given my track record for loving super-heroines, I should be excited over the inclusion of Masquerade, but I feel the same about her as I do toward the new boys, which is not at all.

Of the newer characters, Samson gets the lion's share of the story, but his tale was more or less covered in previous issues of Project Superpowers. The big reveal isn't that big either.

Added members of the roster take away some of the spotlight from those already established: Fighting Yank, American Spirit, Green Lama and Black Terror, but their battle in Shangri-La really isn't all that thrilling and just kind of happens.

Things pick up toward the end of the book where a promise of fate comes true. The American Spirit's behavior seems to indicate that there's more to the story, and it will be followed up next issue.

The artwork by Carlos Paul and Deborah Carita just about covers the bases for this tale. It's not as spectacular as previous issues just rather nice. I wonder though if this is due to the mediocrity of the chapter.

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