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Wolverine: Origins #25

Posted: Tuesday, May 20, 2008
By: Steven M. Bari

Daniel Way
Steve Dillon, Avalonís Matt Milla (colors)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: Wolverine: Origins #25 arrives in stores tomorrow, May 21.

"The Deep End Part 5"

As I stated previously in my reviews of issues #22 & #23, Wolverine's humanity and consequential vulnerability is essential to this story because it allows the reader to invest emotion into his plight. Similarly, Deadpool's deranged thought captions foster pity and concern. This has been skillfully carried throughout the five-issue arc and culminated last issue with a big surprise ending.

For anyone who hasn't been following along with this series (which I wasn't until I saw Deadpool on the cover of issue #21), Wolverine: Origins follows the winding journey of Wolverine after he's reclaimed his memories, settling old scores and discovering a mysterious someone has been controlling his entire life. That man, Romulus, has trained Wolverine's son Daken to be a soulless killing machine who has some serious father issues. The two have met numerous times, usually with Logan pleading his son to forgive him to no avail. And it's that bottomless anger and personal vendetta that leaves Wolverine's death in Daken's purview.

So when Deadpool, that merry Merc-with-a-Mouth, reveals his elaborate scheme to actually kill Wolverine, Daken shows up to steal the show.

Now, I know in my last review I gave this book 5 Bullets, and in this one I do not, but that does not mean this book fell in quality at all. Simply, issue #23 had greater semblance of emotion and action in both the art and writing. Everything worked together so well and fluidly that by the end of the issue I craved not only to re-read the issue but also the entire series (which I am doing).

This issue had one weak point: the ending. It wasn't bad, but at the same time it's not completely fulfilling. And since it the spoils the entire issue and much of the mystery behind the series, I'll just say that the surprise was kind of impractical. It's not totally ridiculous, but I felt the reveal of who hired Deadpool would be more directly connected to Romulus. Yet it was still surprising, plausible (though a little impractical), and fulfilling to the relationship between Wolverine and his son. Deadpool's story was left without much ado, even though he does do a lot in this issue while being a couple of hands short.

But this has been a great series overall, and I'm really looking forward to next issue.

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