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Justice Society of America #15

Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Geoff Johns
Dale Eaglesham, Prentis Rollins (i), Alex Sinclair (c)
DC Comics
This weekís Justice Society of America #15 continues the super-brawl we saw get started in last monthís issue. In fact, the entirety of #15 is sent covering this fight between the JSofA and Magog. Now while Iím all for superhero fights, an entire issue dedicated to them raises two problems for me. One is that the issue is over, boarded, and boxed within three minutes. Two, there is little to no character growth shown. In previous months, Justice Society of America has been one of the best titles to go to for exceptional character development, giving everyone their moment in the sun, while simultaneously building on the family dynamic the Society is known for. Unfortunately, this is thrown out the window for standard superhero fair, anchoring Justice Society of America back down to the bowels of mediocrity.

What is so strange when talking about issue #15 specifically is that my first paragraph seems like everything about this issue was horrendous. But in actuality, all the parts that make up Justice Society of America #15 were fantastic. For instance, the writing is still very good. Geoff Johns knows how to write superhero scripts. And while I nailed this issue for its lack of growth, the minimal amount of dialogue used is still incredibly strong. The banter between characters is spot on with the way they have always acted, so even though itís an issue dedicated to punching and kicking, it doesnít seem out of place for a series focused on the human side of super heroics.

On the art side of the coin, let me comment on how much fun it is to look at Dale Eagleshamís pencils. Even when drawing action sequences, he finds creative ways to show off each individualís personality. Take for instance Starman saving a horse and puppy in the middle of a fight. Yes, some of the team took to crowd control, but if you have been reading JSofA for some time, you will have noticed Starman is quite insane, also seeming to have a fondness for animals. So it was nice to see these minor touches that add a little personality to an otherwise boring slugfest, things you see everyday in the superhero genre. Alex Ross also supplies a page an a half of art like he has done for other segments of this storyline centering on his DC Magnum Opus, Kingdom Come. Therefore you get two all-star artists working on one twenty two page comic, canít beat that I say good sir!

The saving grace to the overall package of Justice Society of America #15 comes in the form of Johns, once again, adding a ďComing this year inÖĒ primer to the end of the issue to wet the appetites of JSofA readers. While not as mind-blowing as the primer at the end of issue #1, we do get some tasty nuggets here. I wonít ruin the surprise, but the final image on this page is by far the most intriguing, especially for fans of the previous volume of JSofA and 52. But that is saying something isnít it? The fact that I closed this book with a smile on my face due solely to the end teaser page shows that the contents that preceded it didnít deliver like I hoped they would. I guess the standard for Justice Society of America is a pretty high bar, but that is because I know Geoff Johns can deliver. It just looks like I will be waiting another month for the shipment (hopefully).

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