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Simpsons Comics #142

Posted: Saturday, May 24, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Chuck Dixon
Phil Oritz, Mike DeCarlo (i), Art Villanueva (c)
Bongo Comics
"Frycooks of the Carribean"

Never has the deaths of a multitude of hamsters been so tear-inducingly funny.

The latest from Simpsons Comics opens with Homer's stab at backyard barbecue. As one expects the attempt ends explosively, yet Dixon's delivery of Homer's dialogue even when the jokes are traditional instill a smile or two.

The ruining of the meal leads the Simpsons clan to The Frying Dutchman which is owned and operated, of course, by "Aaar" The Sea Captain. Dixon backs Phil Oritz's and Mike DeCarlo's sight gags with fun puns, this time capturing the voice of the crusty tar.

During the course of the meal, in which Homer becomes, exactly as The Simpsons commentary tracks identify, a valuable guest star, the Sea Captain relates his tale of woe. The exact nature of the story within a story involves bottled water, mints and the aforementioned hamsters.

The story escalates in levels of absurdity. The weakest portion of the tale, where Dixon employs a joke that has even a longer history than those unleashed during the backyard barbecue, still causes laughter thanks in part to the adherence of The Simpsons model and the party colors of Art Villanueva.

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