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Marvel Adventures Avengers #24

Posted: Saturday, May 24, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Jeff Parker
Ig Guara, Jay Leisten (i), Ulises Aureola (c)
Marvel Comics
"Don't Be Hatin'"

It's wonderful to have Jeff Parker back on Marvel Adventures: Avengers. No offense to the writers that took his place or substituted for him, but Parker just makes this book such a rollicking good read that it's difficult seeing anybody else follow in his footsteps.

The story seems simple enough. The Avengers for no reason at all start to wail on each other. What's causing this outbreak of rage? Could it be Psycho Man? Could it be Puppetmaster? I ain't tellin'.

The methods the heroes use on each other are priceless. For instance, Captain America attempts to kill Ant-Man with a corn cob. With each punch, splat and slingshot, the Avengers all let loose with either dead pan wit or snappy patter that would have identified Jeff Parker even had he chosen to hide behind the name of Alan Smithee.

The way the heroes free themselves from the miasma of hate generates even more comedy. The deep-felt compliments they have for each other leads Spidey on a merry train of thought that's one of his most comical, yet it's Wolverine who saves the best line for last.

Ig Guara, Jay Leisten and Ulises Arreola make Marvel Adventures one beautiful looking comic book. The Avengers have never looked more impressive. I mean, they look Justice League impressive. Guara's pencils create a testament to anatomical verve. The action and the small character moments get equal attention. Leisten's inks give the entirety a lovely luster of added depth and dimension, and Arreola's colors vividly compliment the uniforms while adding the illusion of texture and subtle natural shadows.

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