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Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel: Secret Invasion Infiltration

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
By: Christopher Power

Brian Reed
Marvel Comics
This book collects Captain Marvel #4 and #5, and Ms. Marvel #25

Documenting the infiltration of Earth by some Skrulls, Marvel repackaged key issues of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. Not being a regular collector of these titles, and having never read anything on Captain Marvel in the past, I kind of thought that this would explain the scenes of Captain Marvel at Thunderbolts mountain in the first issue of Secret Invasion. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and if anything, I'm even more confused about who and what Captain Marvel is all about. Certainly, his link to the Skrulls is explained, in particular that he is a Skrull agent, but at the end of it he declares himself a Kree in heart and mind if not in body.

Okay ... I'm sure this has some deeper meaning that I'm not getting as a new reader.

It feels like the story started somewhere before the issues in this book. A lot of the first issue deals with a church dedicated to Captain Marvel. The significance to the Skrull storyline is that some Skrulls were hiding out in the congregation trying to find Mar-Vell.

There is also a lot of Tony Stark working for the greater good but in these books sinister again as if Tony has machinations on ruling the world. However, this is contradicted by the dialogue itself. I must admit, that I was left somewhat baffled as to why this was, but again it may be due to this book's lack of context. This is not a criticism of Brian Reed, as I think it is a problem associated with the packaging, not the contents.

The story with Ms. Marvel is solid as well with a recap of how she first encountered the Skrulls, drawn in 4 colour glory. It also shows her having trouble managing her own life in the wake of being a superhero. This creates an interesting contrast between the button down ordinary woman she was, and the flashing superhero she has become.

Each story has its benefits, and the art just pops. Clean construction lines, detailed inking, and some great movement. One of the great moments occurs when both Marvels were in orbit around the Earth and Carol's hair is all over the place without gravity to hold it down. It was refreshing to have an artist remember that fact. Colours on this book are gorgeous, with rich reds and deep blues, most prominently being on the beautiful double cover.

I give this book a 2 bullet because I don't think it was necessary. Better to provide good trades with linking information; I don't feel that this packaging did justice to what is good content.

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