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Nightwing #145

Posted: Thursday, June 5, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Peter Tomasi
Rags Morales, Michael Bair (i), Nathan Eyring (c)
DC Comics
Nightwing #145 is a pretty average comic book. Thumbing through the pages after finishing I didn’t really grab hold of any one sequence to solidify the issue as one of the better installments of “Freefall”. Instead, the issue moves from opening to conclusion with the sole purpose of stating that you don’t mess with superhero’s loved ones.

Everything that makes up issue #145 screams cliché superhero book and at this point in my reading career, I have grown rather tired of that. I like variety, suspense, mystery, a sense of the unknown, and Nightwing #145 delivers on none of these. It is simply going through the motions of what a superhero plot should be. The villains assemble, discuss their plan through excruciating exposition, Nightwing kicks the crap out of a bunch of nameless, faceless cronies to get information to further his investigation, and then the issue is over.

The only unexpected segment, throwing a wild card into the mix, is the reintroduction of Ra’s Al Ghul, who is already breaking out of Arkham Asylum following the conclusion of “The Resurrection of Ra’s Ah Ghul”. That was fast wasn’t it? And for that storyline involving the entirety of the Bat-family, who all believed the showdown at the end of that crossover was the end of the line, here it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal at all. Also, when I say “unexpected” I don’t mean that it blew me away by sheer awesomeness. I imagined Ra’s breakout would have been farther down the line and much more epic, not a side note in a story with already too many plot threads going on.

“Freefall” continues on next month and I really hope it’s the storyline’s conclusion. I haven’t see anything online, or in the book, that details how many issues this arc is suppose to take, but I’m pretty much done with it. While Rags Morales’ art continues to be fantastic, it’s not enough to keep me interested when paired with a rather boring, cliché script. I hope Tomasi can turn this story around and produce a kick ass finale to keep me on Nightwing into the future.

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