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Booster Gold #10

Posted: Thursday, June 12, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz
Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Hi-Fi (c)
DC Comics
So the mastermind is finally revealed and it’s pretty damn hilarious. Teased all the way back in issue #1, this “mastermind” finally gets his proper due from one bug to other. But the hilarity of this predicament isn’t all Booster Gold #10 has going for it. For one it is home to the big showdown of all running plots since the beginning of this series. Everything has come to a head right here, and it’s Booster Gold and Ted “Blue Beetle” Kord right in the thick of it. The “Blue and Gold” back in action in what could be considered the most important battle the DC Universe will never know about.

I also feel like I’m beating a dead horse when I continually say this series is one of the best DC publishes. The duo of Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz is reminiscent of watching John Stockton and Larry Bird carry the 1992 “Dream Team” to a basketball gold medal in Barcelona (Michael Jordan and Earvin “Magic” Johnson who?). It seems like they never miss a shot, and their occasional “go big or go home” moments always swish, nothing but net. I don’t really know if that analogy drives home the point quite like I wish it would, but I have had Larry Bird on the brain the last few weeks, so I guess I needed to get that out there. The short of it, Johns and Katz deliver another solid script that hits all the right beats and marks to really engross their readers who have invested in these characters of the course of this relaunch.

Want another “dream team” analogy? Of course you do! Dan Jurgens pencils have the precision of a Charles Barkley box out elbow to the eyeball. He renders every character in the issue, and there are a lot, with pinpoint accuracy all the while breathing emotion into their faces as if they were real people, just simply sketched on a pad of paper by a viewing bystander. His art has never been the flashy type, relying on computer enhancements and tons of lens flares, but it fits the story like a glove. Kudos to Hi-Fi for the color work while I’m drooling over the art. Like I said, Jurgens pencils don’t rival the Ethan Van Sciver’s or Steve McNiven’s of the comic community but what Hi-Fi adds to Jurgen’s pencils is astonishing. In previous reviews I have used the word “pop” to describe the combination of Jurgen’s line work with Hi-Fi’s colors and I will just use that again, because there isn’t a better description.

To wrap this up and bring it full circle, the issue has a hilarious reveal and a load of smaller funny moments littered throughout, a lot of which come from our favorite robot, Skeets. One of my few gripes with the series before now is the drop off of humor in favor of drama when comparing the first four issues with the previous six or so. Not so here, everyone gets their jokes and quips in and all of them land perfectly.

So the final question is why did I give this issue just a 4 if I spent the last four paragraphs raving like a mad man about it? Well firstly, as a reviewer I have to check my fanboy-isms at the door when writing. I have to judge from the outside looking in and for Booster Gold #10, being on the outside looking in isn’t quite a nice place. While the issue is one extended fight sequence which isn’t hard to follow, the emotional impact of a lot of the reveals bring the book full circle with the happenings of DC’s first weekly from two years ago, 52, and even Countdown to Infinite Crisis from three years prior. If you haven’t read those stories, then the awesome reveal of the “mastermind” villain won’t hit too hard, or have much meaning besides being hilarious. While the issue provides a one panel recap of the happenings from 52 to bring readers up to speed, it just doesn’t cut it when trying to take this three year in the making epic all in. For that reason, and that reason alone, I nicked the book a single bullet. However, if you have been reading these series over the last few years, then by god, Booster Gold #10 will feel like you just won the lottery and are holding all your winnings in your dirty meat hooks. Sad that there is only one issue left from this creative team.

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