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Clandestine #5

Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Alan Davis
Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Marvel Comics
Plot: The multitudinous Destine siblings figure out how to deal with the attacks coming at them from so many fronts, though the group stranded with Excalibur in an alternate world Attilan seems to have the worst odds.

Comments: I considered a lower grade, because this is really not a comic for everyone. It’s an adult fairy tale that mixes a lot of stuff that Alan Davis is into (cloning, the Inhumans, vampires, his stint on Excalibur including various cross-time capers) a mélange that is so busy it barely makes sense. But if you’re willing to plunge on in, you realize that the numerous Destines (the offspring of an ancient European warrior and a genie from another world) are excuses for Davis to try on every super-hero archetype that interests him at once.

Adam is a cosmic warrior. Dominic is a gloss on the Creeper, with a little bit of Nightcrawler. Samantha’s a warrior woman, while Kay is more a femme fatale. Walter’s a soft-hearted brute, Newton a genius tinkerer (who looks a lot like '70s Woody Allen), and Rory and Pandora are every kid who ever wanted to fly.

Their enemies include the Eastern-oriented protectors of the genie, an unfortunate mix of Inhumans (no Blackbolt, but Davis has long been in love with Medusa’s scarlet tresses) dominated by Maximus, and a malevolent being called Griffin that leads a “Children of the Damned” style cloned army.

Griffin has found a way to siphon off the various Destine powers for his own use. It’s not too often when you can blame a whole story on a bad genie, and mean it as a complement. But for Davis fans, seeing him let loose on a dream pet project is a simple endorsement: it’s watching the master at work.

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