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Echo #4

Posted: Monday, July 7, 2008
By: Steven M. Bari

Terry Moore
Terry Moore
Abstract Studio
Plot: As the body count continues to rise, the photographer Julie tries to discover what this inexplicable metallic substance is on her chest, and why she’s experiencing another woman’s memories.

Comments: I was really excited about this series when it came out in March, but didn’t follow through partly because my local comic shop didn’t carry it and I was too lazy to go some twenty-five blocks in the other direction and buy it somewhere else. Oh, stupid, lazy me.

Echo #4 starts to coalesce some plot points and characters. Park ranger Dillon discovers his girlfriend, Annie Trotter, who was betrayed by the weapons manufacturer she worked for, is dead and her body mysteriously unavailable. Julie, who was bounded with part of the super-suit Annie wore at the time of her death, comes into contact with Dillon and simultaneously the suit’s power.

Moore cleverly explains the suits sensory ability through a flashback/memory that Annie and Julie share. When Julie is pulled over by the military police, the MP accidentally triggers an explosive flare from the suit on Julie’s chest. Suddenly, Julie sees first hand Annie’s memory of the suit’s psychic absorption via physical contact and understands that this message was relayed under the same circumstances. The suit can sense negative emotion toward itself and defend it, but in doing so absorb that emotion. Therefore, the two women share a connection that transcends time, space, and death. But is Annie consciously doing this within the suit? Or has the suit stored all of Annie’s consciousness?

"Terry More does an acre more straight-up, memorable storytelling in one black & white issue of Echo than either of the two comics giants in a years’ worth of their prolix, boring, barren crossover ‘events,’” reads Harlan Ellison's blurb on the back cover, and man has it right on the money. For $3.50 you get a suspenseful science fiction thriller that manages to humanize its characters with all the nuance you expect from the Strangers in Paradise creator. Moreover, it comes out on time! You can expect another installment of this series every month, folks. So don’t be stupid and lazy!

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