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Green Arrow and Black Canary #10

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Judd Winick
Mike Norton, Wayne Faucher (i)
DC Comics
“A League of Their Own" (part 1: Step Up to the Plate and Swing Away)

Plot: Plastic Man and Batman are ready to help Ollie, Dinah, Mia and Dodger. But are any of them fighting the right enemy?

Comments: This is marginally more amusing than last issue. There’s one great classic Batman moment, when he quickly identifies the major threat in a field of players and takes him out, and the rest is a bit more lively as the self-proclaimed League of Assassins takes on the fraction of the Justice League they encounter this issue.

We get some focus on the nefarious team, which Winick uses to also give our heroes some signature moments. Spike vs. Canary, a samurai vs. Green Arrow, Plastic Man vs. some sort of sasquatch, Batman vs. some dude with four arms and a very aggressive telekinetic, and more.

Winick keeps the balls in the air, but it’s all just another frustrating delaying tactic in this insoluble mystery of who has nabbed Connor’s comatose body. It may not even be Ra’s Al Ghul, which means we’ve been chasing red herrings for 6 or so issues. We thought it was the British underworld, we thought it was space aliens…we’ve gotten tired of whatever it might be, as the chase is starting to seem pointless. Batman clearing up things for their foes is a useful twist, but we need the world’s greatest detective to go looking for Connor himself, as Ollie is in way over his head.

There’s no character development to speak of this issue, so anybody just tuning in won’t know why Green Arrow cares, what his relationship is to Dinah, whether Mia has a crush on Dodger, who Connor might be or why it matters that our criminals have been misled. But, hey, Plaz cracks some funny ones, so at least there’s a chuckle or two. It’s pretty thin stuff, stretched out way too long, redeemed mostly by the repartee and by Norton’s solid battle choreography. I understand it all quite well, but without knowing why, I’ve stopped caring what’s next.

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