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X-Factor #33

Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2008
By: Christopher Power

Peter David
Larry Stroman, Jon Siral (I) Jeromy Cox (colors)
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: X-Factor #33 arrives in stores tomorrow, July 16.

With MutantTown being destroyed, or at least reduced to mostly rubble, and X-Factor wanting to avoid those government types trampling on their freedoms, the team has moved to Detroit working under the agency name "XF Investigations." Perhaps they could have chosen a less obvious name if they wanted to hide? As a result, we have O*N*E catching up with them again and keeping them on a short leash with the threat of being drafted into the Initiative. David even makes a fun joke about the government taking rights away from people who are doing nothing but living out their days in a productive way.

In the middle of all of this, there is the evolving mutant Armando who is the target of the current X-Factor investigation, having been hired by Armando's repetent father. Most of the issue in fact is committed to Armando monkeying around with Longshot who is trying to "test his powers of probability." There is a lot of scenes showing Armando and Longshot being followed by someone. That someone is a bounty hunter, but you can only know that if you are reading She-Hulk. For the average reader this is a set-up to keep them guessing as to what is going on.

I'm going to stop my review here, because there are spoilers that I do not want to give away and other than those spoilers not a heck of a lot happens in this book. There is nothing particularly wrong with the book. It is solidly written and the art is proficient, even though I'm not keen on the new style being used by Larry Stroman and his team.

I will leave the review with this thought: This month, for my X-Factor review I was going to start a counter--like the one shown in the Hulk movie--for Peter David. It was going to be "Months since She-Hulk appeared in X-Factor: 4", figuring that with his tenure on the She-Hulk book now in full swing we would see a cross-over eventually. After this issue, that counter goes back to 0.

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