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Scalped #19

Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Jason Aaron
Davide Furno, Giulia brusco (c)
Vertigo / DC
Looks like we are finally getting some answers to the lingering questions about Carol. Portrayed as the reservation whore time and time again, it looks like there are a lot of layers to this previously two-dimensional character which look to be explored in this latest story arc, ďThe Boudoir StompĒ.

What this issue does a fantastic job of conveying is Carol and Dashiellís complicated relationship. By juxtaposing their lifestyles against each other you see how different these two individuals really are. Yet from their inner thoughts, they share a lot of the same mental and emotional struggles in their lives. Yet because both of them need to display their hardened exteriors at all times on the Rez in order to survive they simply donít communicate their emotions to each other. Because if they did, they could have probably saved each otherís lives and sanity by now. Itís a fantastic story device that Jason Aaron has constructed here and really lets readers into the woes of living on this horrible reservation. But then again, Jason Aaron has accomplished this mission statement since day one on Scalped. Every issue is a beautifully, gruesome example of crooked life in this extremely seedy environment.

For the second month running, Davide Furno contributes the art for Scalped. His style blends perfectly with the seriesí regular penciller, R.M. Guera, to give readers a smooth transition between artist. And while Guera will be picking back up on the book shortly, I wouldnít mind a scenario much like how the art is handled on Captain America; with all the artists rotating arcs, because their styles all complement each other perfectly. I particularly like Furnoís depiction of Dashiell; looking hardened from his FBI work, as well as sincere and caring when with Carol. Also, I usually donít comment on cover art in reviews, but wanted to draw notice to Tim Bradstreetís cover for Scalped #19 because it is striking and beautiful. It reminds me of Sin City, but in this case I knew the contents inside would actually be worth it.

This review has been pretty short and sweet but there isnít much else to say about Scalped that hasnít already been said. While I donít think you'll be going insane with anticipation for the next issue, you will always get your three dollars worth with Scalped. Every issue is written so masterfully and drawn so exquisitely that it creates a great storytelling package. I have said it before, and I will say it again, Scalped is crime fiction that deserves a much larger audience. Itís just as smart and enthralling as the best crime flicks and novels, but doesnít get the notice because itís a ďfunny bookĒ. God damn shame if you ask me.

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