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Amazing Spider-Man #566

Posted: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Mark Guggenheim
Phil Jiminez, Mark Pennington (i)
Marvel Comics
"Kraven’s First Hunt" (Part 2)

Plot: Kraven is really fed up with Spider-Man, as he's not at all acting like the hero she's planning to hunt. Which is because he isn't…she put the wrong guy in the spider-suit.

Comments: Even the cover should give some sense of what's going on with all the costume-switching inside. As Kraven tortures Vin Gonzales (Peter Parker's roommate) by mistake, Peter finds himself without a costume. The old webbed-face trick only goes so far, so he hits up reluctant buddy Daredevil for a loaner so he can swing around the city and figure out what's been going on with all the assassination and other attempts against the people around him lately.

He does finally begin to piece things together, especially after a visit to the police station (where Daredevil is a marginally more tolerated presence than Spider-Man would be) where he just flat out asks the cops what’s going on. Detective skills apparently not being high in Spidey‘s job description. Phil Jiminez is a welcome fresh presence on this title, and his signature control of proportion and detailed renderings make it clear that, Daredevil suit or not, that’s Spider-Man on the case of finding his missing friend.

Kraven herself is a stunning new design, a mullet-loving leather clad weirdo who (despite her diminutive size) looks deadly and more than capable of carrying out her threats. She’s a bit reminiscent of an earlier Jiminez creation, Esme Cuckoo, who dropped out of Xavier’s school to aid Magneto in style-challenged teenage glory. Her relation to the Kraven legacy isn’t clear, nor do we know if she uses his serum or Mutant Growth Hormone (which she doses Vin with, to give him a fighting chance against her), but she does seem to have enhanced strength at least.

A third random element enters the mix (as one imagines it will in New York city real estate matters): Kraven’s lair impinges on Vermin’s private space, and he attacks both she and “Daredevil” before issue’s end, for no other reason than basic animal fear and rage. Meanwhile, Vin uses the MGH to begin to fight for his survival, and somehow it’s going to lead up to next issue’s long-previewed cover, where what seems to be the capture of Daredevil and Spider-Man by Kraven probably won’t be that simple. I don’t know what else is going on in Peter’s brand new day, but he seems to possess his usual relationship with Lady Luck.

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