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Green Lantern Corps #26

Posted: Thursday, July 24, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Peter J. Tomasi
Patrick Gleason, Drew Geraci, Prentis Rollins (i), Guy Major (colors)
DC Comics
Well, this comic blew me away. Seriously. I was not expecting to enjoy the conclusion to "Ring Quest" this much. It had everything you could ask for--great character moments, a bad-ass fight, and a hero earning a deserving death--all equating to a near perfect finale to Peter Tomasi's first arc on Green Lantern Corps.

Where to start with this book? I guess the best place would be how sinister Mongul is portrayed here. He is literally an evil dictator who shows signs of being able to compete with Darkseid for the award of "most evil." When his words spilled out of his mouth in a Shakespearian tone, it just made everything he said all the more menacing because you knew he wasn't screwing around. Mongul does not make empty threats, and I thought Tomasi's voice for the character was spot-on.

Then there is the handling of the actual Corps, starting the issue in the same boat they were in at the conclusion of last month's issue: in the rapture of the Mother Mercy. Every member of the team gets their psyche peeled back in a fantastic splash page revealing all of their worst fears. As it is with some of Patrick Gleason's more cluttered pages, things can be a little hard to decipher. However, if you sit there and take a minute to actually break down and appreciate this page, you will notice all the intricate framing and nuances that really make it stand out. Pay particular attention to the black gutter space on the page, truly inspiring work by Gleason.


Then there is the actual content of Green Lantern Corps #26. Once the Lanterns are given a boost from the Black Mercy, they show Mongul and his crony just how powerful they truly are. I thought Guy Gardner's first use of the lethal force law was inspired. Pretty cut and dry, but a truly bad-ass way for the team to reemerge with Guy leading the charge. Then there is Bzzd, by far the standout performance of the month. For anyone not in the know, maybe checking these reviews to see if investing in a series is worth the money, Bzzd is a member of the Green Lantern Corps who is a fly. He was already pretty cool based on this concept alone, but here in GLC #26 he owns Mongul. For those who have read Grant Morrison's “Rock of Ages” in JLA, do you remember how cool it was to see the Atom tear Darkseid apart from the inside? A pure example of David beating Goliath. Well prepare to relive that moment here. However, the sequence is actually bitter sweet due to Bzzd's death. Though he did go out a hero and that's all you could ask for really.

The ending of the issue also sets up some cool possibilities with Mother Mercy as she chooses hope over fear, joining the Green Lantern Corps instead of the Sinestro Corps after being offered both rings. And yes, I said that right: Mother Mercy's choice of word when making her decision is "hope." Could she be joining the Blue Lanterns in the near future? Could be. I'm pumped to find out.

Overall issue #26 of Green Lantern Corps rocked my socks off. I did not imagine I would be this impressed with the book in a week that had quite a few of standouts for me. I look forward to where this leads as we get closer and closer to "Blackest Night." My pick of the week.

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