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Dynamo 5 #15

Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008
By: Joey Davidson

Jay Faerber
Mahmud Asrar, Ron Riley (colors)
Image Comics
What is Tower City without the Dynamo 5? We found out last issue. It's a heap of mess ruled by villains and ne'er-do-wells. A city filled with those ruthless enough to take advantage of what was described as a "power vacuum."

Before the Dynamo 5 return, a hero named Vigil appears in Tower City and takes to tackling foes. Issue #15 picks up with Vigil about to be killed as Scrap steps in to lend a hand. The book covers the two and their night on the town fighting evil, Vigil protective of her identity and angry with Scrap for leaving Tower City to its own demise.

The only other team members seen are Gabe and Hector (Scatterbrain and Visionary). Hector comes to see one of Gabe's football games and is less than impressed with his (former?) teammate's ability usage. The scene does little more than heighten character suspicions for Gabe. He's cheating, and readers are thrown into a scenario where Gabe is confronted about it and reacts less than humbly. Could this be Faerber laying the ground work for some future trouble? As if the team doesn't have enough on their plates right now.

Faerber deserves applause for the way he scripted the first several panels. As Scrap and Vigil do battle, the villain monologuing comes out in full swing. The exact quote reads, "You may have taken down Radia and Deadweight, but they're rookies compared to Breakwater!" Breakwater, of course, was the one delivering his line. I finish the panel and immediately think, "you've got to be kidding me, that's terrible! I'm about to run out to the shed, grab my pitchfork and torch when Faerber leans over and says, "it'll be okay." Two panels later, Vigil and Scrap are literally making fun of the villain for talking like an idiot. It wasn't just me, after all. I was afraid Faerber was turning into Claremont. Sorry Claremont fans, but he wasn't. It was a great way to break up the monotony, and it certainly made me chuckle.

Thumbs-up go to one Mahmud Asrar for his work here in issue #15. It's probably the best I've seen from his work in Dynamo 5. The action scenes look fantastic, vivid and well directed. Riley's colors pushed the work well over the top, and I truly think that this is some of the finest superhero art I've seen in a long time. Throw on the great cover with Scrap lifting a crumbling Dynamo 5 logo, and you've got a keeper. The art in this issue simply wins.

Dynamo 5 #15 is a great entry into the series. Scrap fans will be tickled with all the attention the heroin gets, and fans of the series will be treated to some good action and a little of the drama that they are used to. The final splash throws the fate of the old Dynamo 5 team into question, and now we wait to find out what's good next month.

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