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Manhunter #33

Posted: Friday, August 8, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Marc Andreyko
Michael Gaydos, Jose Vilarrubia (c)
DC Comics
"Forgotten" (part 3)

Kate Spencer, also known as the Manhunter, infiltrates the facade where women lose their hearts. Ramsey unwittingly reveals a secret, and Dylan gets a visit from a grinning ghoul.

I liked Kate's battle against the super-powered goon squad protecting the abattoir disguised as a pharmaceutical plant. Kate's plan was vicious and executed with the pragmatism I expect from the character. It could have been illustrated a tad better, but I'm no fan of Gaydos' work. I also recognize that Gaydos isn't familiar with super-hero titles. He makes a decent effort here that needs only some improvement. Kate's nasty little move was given a decent spotlight, but I would have preferred in addition to see a close-up of the villain screaming.

Gaydos however really isn't this chapter's problem. The book drags with the Sandra Knight, Iron Munroe, Ramsey interaction. I saw no reason to spend so much time with these three characters. Andreyko for instance could have cut directly from the important cell phone call to the scene in which we discover something strange about Ramsey. Instead, there's too much conversation that doesn't really say anything.

The flashback to Kate's visit to her assistant where we learn that his cousin was among the dead probably wasn't necessary. Explaining why Kate was in the slaughterhouse for readers just jumping in is a laudable goal, but her rationale could have been encapsulated in a narrative block.

All of these lengthy diversions slow down the story considerably. I also didn't enjoy Manhunter slumming with an inferior part of the DCU. Namely, the artists formerly known as the Suicide Squad, fake Huntress, somebody named Zinda and Oracle. As Kate Spencer she has already met the Justice League, defended Wonder Woman and encountered Superman. As Manhunter she briefly crossed paths with Batman, no doubt reining himself in as a favor to Wonder Woman. Kate does not need to be associated with third and fourth tier characters.

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