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Final Crisis: Revelations #1

Posted: Friday, August 15, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Greg Rucka
Philip Tan, Glapion w/ Santos & Wong (i), Ian Hannin (c)
DC Comics
It should be no surprise that the latest Final Crisis tie-in series is a hit. With the talent involved in the overall scheme of everything Final Crisis, most of which previously worked together on 52, it’s a no-brainer that these books would be fantastic. We’ve already seen one of Geoff Johns’ offerings, as well as Peter Tomasi’s Martian Manhunter one-shot, and now Greg Rucka gets his crack at the current state of the DCU with Final Crisis: Revelations.

Rucka’s Final Crisis: Revelations is not only his chance to tackle the DCU but also the characters he raised from his very thought womb; the first major player being Renee Montoya, DC’s new Question. It’s been an absolute blast watching her grow as a character over the last few years. I can literally retrace all of her steps to get a clear picture of her head and motives as to why she does what she does. She is one of the best examples of growth in comics in recent memory (along 52 co-stars Booster Gold and Black Adam). This, of course, is all due to Greg Rucka writing the hell out of the character. He has been her voice for years now, gently guiding her from Gotham Central, through 52, into the Five Books of Blood, and now into the happenings of DC’s latest crisis. Now while it’s sad that Vic Sage, the original Question, had to pass for this new version to step up, I uphold that Renee Montoya makes for a far more compelling version of the character in today’s DCU. To think this character was birthed all because the creators of Batman: The Animated Series needed a cop with a face, besides Jim Gordon, for a couple of episodes is astonishing.

The same can be said for Crispus Allen, whom some refer to as the new Spectre; DC’s spirit of vengeance. And once again, Greg Rucka is not only his latest guiding hand, but the mastermind behind his growth for years; applying the same gentle care to move the character from one point in his life to the next without ever resorting to a simple plot device to achieve the desired outcome. When Greg Rucka is behind the steering wheel you know everything will make emotional sense.

So those are the big players of Revelations, all handled expertly by Greg Rucka and drawn magnificently by Philip Tan, but how does the story fair? Well for being a first issue, Revelations is a lot of setup truthfully. We are shown the Question doing her whole “digging at mysteries” thing, as well as Crispus Allen trying to cope with being the Spectre and dealing out vengeance instead of justice. There is even some hints at just who, or what, Libra is exactly. Apparently he is the “face of creation” which I’m sure will fuel the fires of debate on the internet while we wait for his eventual reveal in the main Final Crisis series. But without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of Final Crisis Revelations #1 is the opening scene where Dr. Light finally gets the punishment he has deserved for years. With that said, I present you with a little something I wrote up as a send-off to a man actually deserving the title “super-villain.”

Oh dearly departed Dr. Light,

You will be a pair of shoes that might never be filled. You were the ray of hope for everything a super-villain could, and should, be.

My first experience with you was with Identity Crisis. To say I “jumped right into your shenanigans” is a gross underestimate. You showed me what it means to truly be evil. You went from C to A-list by simply “spending a quite night looking at the stars” with Sue Dibney, the Elongated Man’s wife. Your reputation put Lex Luthor and the Joker, combined, to shame. And this was just the first act of your magnum opus.

You then turned to children. I mean, what else could possibly “one-up” a good raping? Oh course, pedophilia! So you sat in your candy van, sun tanned by the kiddie pool, and watched some little league baseball games from afar, up in a tree, with some binoculars. You truly became the monster in the closet of the DCU.

It is for this that we honor you, Dr. Light. For everything you were and everything you could have become, if it wasn’t for the horrid, horrid vengeance that was brought down upon thee. I pray you find a safe place in the after-life. I hear it’s better there anyway.

Bravo to a job well done.*

*Erik Norris does not condone the actions of rape or pedophilia. He is, however, still waiting on his Sue Dibney / Dr. Light action figure set.

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