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X-Men: Legacy #215

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2008
By: Steven M. Bari

Mike Carey
Scot Eaton, Marc Checchetto
Marvel Comics
Editor's Note: X-Men: Legacy #215 arrives in stores tomorrow, August 27.

Plot: Professor Xavier is alive and well after another barrage of gunfire and inescapable mental takeover by Mr. Sinister. Now with his body whole and a new perspective on life and himself, Prof. X sets out to find the only person who can reconcile who he was and who he must be. Plus: Rogue's back! With her old costume!

Comments: For X-fans, this is the much anticipated showdown between Professor X and Cyclops. Two men, two dreams. One dreams of co-existence, peace, and positive action. The other of community, security, and militarism. One man manipulates others to accomplish his dream while the other strategically plans operations with willing participants toward a single goal. Who will win?

Considering nearly every X-title bears the "Manifest Destiny" brand, I think Cyclops has pretty much won the dogma war. But resolving the two dreams will be a lot easier than reconciling these two men. Scott Summers will not let go of his hatred for his old master and with good reason. For example, the nature of their meeting was a weak suggestion introduced into his mind by the Professor. Cyclops walked out of the San Francisco compound headed on what he thought was a security check. "You're doing it again, Charles," Scott accuses. Xavier tries to defend his intention, but is rebuked. "Sinister. Magneto. Apocalypse. Idealists, every one. You can't buy yourself off this by saying you meant well." Scott is right in his analysis: one's intention does not impart morality. You can't cause knowing harm and justify the action with a well-meaning agenda. It's still an "agenda," one that is contrary to the recipient's agenda.

Yet Scott reveals his deep distaste for his former teacher in the aforementioned statement in using the word "buy." Cyclops presumes that Xavier is trying to charm or finagle his way around being responsible for his actions, much like a neglectful father would buy the love of his neglected child. The psychosis is deep and palpable enough that Cyclops may just give Xavier a taste of his own medicine.

As for art, Eaton and Cheechetto render their respective stories nicely. The two artists are very different but effectively pass the baton to each other within the narrative. A scene of Rogue arguing with Mystique in her head reflects the next scene of Prof. X and Cyclops, creating a father and son, mother and daughter visual dynamic.

One of the headier X-books, X-Men: Legacy is a great buy for fans of talking heads and good character studies.

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