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Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Geoff Johns
Scott Kolins, David McCaig (c)
DC Comics
I’m really sad this mini-series wraps up next month with its third issue. It has been a blast to see Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins tackle a series spotlighting Flash’s Rogues who they defined a few years ago. It’s also neat just how well this ties into Final Crisis while still telling its own, completely accessible, story. Basically, Geoff Johns is a god.

Issue #2 of Rogues’ Revenge picks up with a page creatively recapping the content’s of last month’s issue and then moves the story forward where the Rogues come face to face with their “replacements” under the direction of Libra. What happens next is the Rogues showing how bad-ass they are, and how they are anything but out of date. This scene also has a great wrap-up with Mirror Master explaining to the new Trickster why these replacements would never have worked; you can’t replace something that isn’t gone.

Geoff Johns has gone on record saying that he approaches all his stories by looking for the character drama and forming his plot around that notion and this statement stands true in Rogues’ Revenge. Captain Cold’s confrontation with his long, lost father is what really makes this issue stand out and delivers that much needed personal touch to a story that is otherwise about ass kicking. The whole sequence is fantastically written, expertly illustrated by Scott Kolins, and really helps readers get into the head of Captain Cold.

Then we catch up with Zoom and Inertia, being told what the purpose of Inertia becoming Kid Flash means to the series and its direct ties to what a “Crisis” means to the DC Universe, as well as visiting in with a recount of Jay Garrick telling Iris Allen her husband still lives ripped straight from the pages of the main Final Crisis title. Basically, Rogues’ Revenge #2 is a jam-packed comic.

Rogues’ Revenge #2 is another great example of how strong these tie-ins to Final Crisis have been. But seriously, did you really expect less from Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins? DC, I plead you to strap this creative team to chairs and demand they write a monthly Rogues series. I would be there in a…wait for it…flash.

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