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Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #2

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2008
By: Ray Tate

Paul Tobin
Alvin Lee (p), Terry Pallot (i), Val Staples (colors)
Marvel Comics
"Bad Sports"

It appears that some meteors are heading straight for the earth. Spidey, Iron Man and Hulk take a Quinjet up to meet this latest threat. The interaction between the three heroes is light and bouncy. Iron Man has a plan A, which requires Spider-Man, and a much more enjoyable plan B, which requires the Hulk. The results of Plan A surprises Iron Man as well as the reader: "Right--Okay. I didn't see this coming. You see this coming?"

Nope, and I thought I've seen everything in a comic.

The encounter with aliens also doesn't go as expected. Though there is indeed some fisticuffs followed by laugh-out-loud funny dialogue, writer Paul Tobin isn't out to conduct a slug-fest. The aliens instead of merely just fighting the heroes offer them a challenge. Even this trope doesn't follow tradition and leads to some startlingly beautiful artwork as well as outrageous moments of comedy.

Alvin Lee and Terry Pallot illustrate energetic, athletic events carried out by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Bizarre rallies endanger floods of reptiles. Others torture in offbeat ways, but in each case Lee and Pallot take the time to draw and distinguish the multitudes.

With colorist Val Staples, the artists craft one of the most attractive interpretation of these heroes and give them a lot of visual personality; note the Hulk's thumbs up sign. Their aliens combine carelessness of the highest order as well as pure comic expression, which manifests when they meet the immovable object.

Tiny little tweaks bump an acceptable super-hero adventure to another level in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes. The story starts in the middle and unfolds the past while catching up to the present. The tale introduces absolutely hilarious new alien life forms that pester Iron Man, Spidey and the Hulk, and you laugh with the team rather than at them.

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