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Brit #8

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2008
By: W. SCott Poole

Bruce Brown
Nate Bellegarde
Image Comics
Robert Kirkman has reimagined the famous monsters of filmland in The Astounding Wolfman, reworked the teen superhero genre in Invincible and even arguably revived the increasingly moribund (ha!) zombie tale in The Walking Dead. To me, one of his most satisfying creations is Brit, a book being carried forward by writer Bruce Brown with Nate Bellegarde on pencils and inks that syncs and splices science fiction and espionage conventions to create something truly original.

Brown and Bellegarde’s latest issue is a transitional piece from the last story arc that features Brit the invulnerable secret agent trying to feel his way back into his own life after being replaced by a clone. We first see him in a conversation with Britney, his tough if less invulnerable sister, who is targeted by some assassins from the Tertius Syndicate (a clan of interstellar drug lords). One of would-be hit men has a wart with a taste for classic southern rock (I don’t want to explain this, I’d rather you read the book).

Nick Bellegarde's art is outstanding and is, actually very close to previous artist Cliff Rathburn’s super sharp, clean and crisp style. This issue really puts his talents on parade as a significant twist in the plot places Brit and Britney on one of the Tertius Syndicate’s narco-ships. We get pages of imaginative creatures (all of them stoned, it turns out) wandering about the ship. We even meet the Queen Parasite herself who’s every bodily fluid and excrescence has narcotic properties. Brit and Britney manage to get out of this dilemma only to find something very alien waiting for Brit at the home of his estranged wife.

Issue #8 is a good place to find your way back into the series since its creators have just wrapped up a fairly complicated story arc involving Brit’s cloning and disappearance. Individual characters are so precisely draw that you will feel you know them immediately.

If none of this convinces you, buy this book to see a series of panels featuring an Agency sniper taking out Confederate zombies at the Gettysburg National Monument.

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