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She-Hulk #32

Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2008
By: Shawn Hill

Peter David
GG Studio (Cucca, Acunzo, Ciardo, Monni)
Marvel Comics
Plot: X-Factor's been taken care of, but problems remain. They've got the Skrull "Talisman" tied up in their RV, and Jazinda's dad is one more Skrull to worry about.

Comments: I don't remember Jennifer ever having big daddy issues. It's usually a given for super-heroines in some way or another. Wonder Woman doesn't have one, but the closest thing is Hercules, who is pretty bad news in her mythology. Carol Danvers' spent a large portion of her adulthood trying to measure up to her dad. And, a quick check of Wikipedia reveals Jennifer's father, the sheriff, sired a daughter who also studied law and carried on some of his legal battles. But he hasn't figured much since, and he doesn't have to, because Jazinda's dad is the Super-Skrull.

Jazinda's one of the earth-bound Skrulls (like Lyja and Xavin) who doesn't agree with Veranke's mad religious sect. The Talisman very much does, however, and he's probably too big a force for Jennifer and she to reckon with for long. But they don't have to because the Super-Skrull's ill-timed attack frees him, and complications ensue.

Complications which aren't resolved this issue. This is just one more chapter in Jenn's coping with the invasion and the other high concept issues that impact her calmed down life. We've learned now why she gave up the law and became a bounty hunter, so that status quo can't continue much longer. She has a life to return to, despite David's emotional complications. She certainly didn't make any new friends in Detroit, and her temper still seems to be getting the best of her.

There is one story that finishes in this issue: Jenn takes note of a Skrull transport herding humans to a concentration camp, and frees the prisoners with her usual directness. And the art team continues to turn in impressive work; the cel-shaded look is a fresh one for this title, and their She-Hulk captures the delicate balance between sexy and strong. But otherwise this title has a case of "serialitis"; all the crossovers have impeded ongoing development, and it's time to focus on the title character again. Soon, anyway.

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