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Final Crisis: Revelations #2

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2008
By: Erik Norris

Greg Rucka
Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion & Jeff de los Santos (i), Nei Rufino w/ Ian Hannin (c)
DC Comics
I feel bad for a lot of comic readers who pass over these Final Crisis tie-in mini-series because they arenít enjoying the main event. This is even more apparent when you look at Greg Rucka and Philip Tanís Final Crisis: Revelations which has been an absolute blast to read, Final Crisis related or not.

Iíve read my fair share of Mr. Ruckaís work before but I think Revelations takes the cake for being the most epic, engrossing, personal story I have read of his. Revelations is pretty much the culmination of all the work he put into the DC Universe over the last few years ranging from Gotham Central to 52 and finally, Crime Bible. So while the cover says Final Crisis and does involve some of that bookís integral themes and characters, Revelations is so much more than a shameless tie-in.

We have a book touching on the themes of what exactly is vengeance, and also, to my surprise, what is mercy. I might be behind on my DC lore but I never knew the universe had a God of Mercy much like the Spectre plays the role of Godís angel of vengeance. Itís an awesome concept and the drama that spawns from her introduction between Cris Allen and Renee Montoya is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Then to add to Ruckaís scripts is the fabulous Philip Tan. This is the first book I have ever seen drawn by Tan but itís simply great and Iím excited to see what projects he moves on to from here because his work on Revelations will be the project to earn him the recognition of ďsuperstarĒ in the comics field. Iíve read interviews with the man talking about how it has been a blast to draw the Spectre because his cape plays such a vital part in establishing the mood and atmosphere of the character and saying his past work on Spawn was the perfect foundation builder for what heís doing now. I can believe it.

Like I said, a lot of readers will skip this book simply because they arenít enjoying Grant Morrisonís work on Final Crisis but besides appearances by Libra and mentions of the Anti-Life Equation, Revelations is just an extension of Ruckaís master plan for Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya played out over the backdrop of the end of all things. Revelations even does a great job filling in readers who arenít familiar with the history behind this story, giving you another reason not to avoid it. Final Crisis: Revelations #2 is easily the book of the week.

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