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Star Wars: Legacy #26

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008
By: Zakarya Anwar

John Ostrander
Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons (i), Brad Anderson (c)
Dark Horse Comics
Plot: 137 years after the battle of Yavin, the last Skywalker must do battle against Darth Krayt and his Sith Army.

Comments: Star Wars Legacy is perhaps one of the coolest series of Star Wars comics Iíve ever read. That needs to be said. The premise, as mentioned above, is awesome enough to sell comics on its own. But letís take a look-see at the issue in question. After all, the coolest comics can still suck if the issues suck.

Be warned, there may be spoilers. But this is part two of ďThe Hidden TempleĒ storyline, so you should already know whatís going on. John Ostrander (Star Wars: Republic, Batman) is the writer in these here parts. His dialogue is well written, although one of Cade Skywalkerís lines made me wince (it was that cheesy). Stone-faced Jedi Masters speak in the monotonous way that you would expect in this post prequel trilogy era, and every character has an individual voice. As far as plot is concerned, there is a bit of back-story for Syn and Rasi Tuum, the answer to Cadeís request to the temple is given and things just generally move along.

Jan Duursema (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Batman) is the artist here, although that kind of goes without saying, seeing as how she almost always works with Ostrander. Dark Horse seem to only allow certain artists with a certain style draw on their Star Wars comics, and Duursemaís art is one of the reasons why. Her characters are rendered beautifully, each character possessing his or her own style of movement. She always includes a few images per comic that you can recall in your mind instantly, iconic images that stay with you ten or twenty issues later.

In this series, the cover art deserves a paragraph on its own. Itís that good. Omar Francia (Lazarus Jack, Dioramas) treats us to this one. As expected, itís pretty nice. Four alien Jedi Knights with lightsabers ablaze. Cool. However, although the cover art is great, there have been better covers in the Legacy series. In another series, this would have been one of the best. In Legacy, this is just another cover.

Final Word: Ostrander, Duursema and the Legacy series. You donít really need a review to know itís worth picking up. For those of you who do need one: itís worth picking up.

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